Medieval and Renaissance Interiors

20. January 2017

Late medieval manuscripts are filled with lovely interiors. New book delights in showing off the decorative details and explain the stories behind

Huddling aorund the fire in an Iron Age house at Lejre

Open Hearths, Ovens and Fireplaces

19. January 2017

Medieval creativity: While Vikings huddled around long fires, the French sat with their backs to chimneys and the Germans invented tiled ovens.

Hunters in the Snow. By Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Source: Google Art project/Vienna Arthistorisches Museum

The Hunters in the Snow

18. January 2017

Hunters in the Snow is one of the most evocative paintings of winter. Often regarded as a modern work, it is in fact deeply religious

he Taymouth Hours © British Library, MS Yates-Thompson 13, Fol 28

Are Humans as Lethal today as in the Middle Ages?

16. January 2017

The chances of dying from violence in the Middle Age were seven times higher than it is today. It appears culture and state-formation plays important role.

Harvesting Rye in Norway © Høstbergere (blog)

Medieval Daily Bread Made of Rye

15. January 2017

When cold and wetter climate hit Europe in the 5th century, rye became part of a new and more varied bread culture. Baking Rye bread has medieval roots

Sarchophagos of Chrodoara. Source: Wikipedia

The Merovingian Sarcophagus of Chrodoara from Amay

13. January 2017

In 1977 the Sarcophagus of Chrodoara was discovered in the church in Amay. The stone-carvings on the slab are widely recognised as unique

The Merovingian Exhibition at Saint-Dizier

Austrasia – the Forgotten Merovingian Kingdom

11. January 2017

While in Paris to see the exhibition on the Merovingian Times, remember to take a detour to Saint-Dizier to see the exhibition on Austrasia

St. Augustine, Laon c. 750. Paris, BnF ms. Latin 12168

The Merovingian Times

11. January 2017

Major exhibition on the Merovingian Times in Paris at the Musée de Cluny is a must-see for any medievalists this winter

The Capitulation of Granada by F Pradilla

Commemorating the Conquest of Granada 1492

9. January 2017

This week the re-conquest of Granada in 1492 was once more celebrated in the streets while a squabble broke out among politicians, artists and historians about the (lack of) political correctness.

Albarracín – From Taifa to Medieval Lordship

5. January 2017

Declared a National Monument in 1961, the medieval town of Albarracin is probably one of the most beautiful and evocative places to experience old Spain

Illumination from Manuscript in the Library from Altomünster

Medieval Bridgettine Treasure in Danger of Being Dispersed

3. January 2017

In December 2015, the Munich Diocese decided to close the Bridgettine Abbey in Altomünster. The future fate of the priceless collections is unknown.

Lovers from Teruel. Tomb by Juan de Ávalos. Sorce: Wikipedia

The Legend of the Lovers of Teruel

2. January 2017

The Story of the Lovers of Teruel published in the 16th c entury is said to have a medieval tragedy at its core.

The Arundel Tomb in Chichester Cathedral. Source: Wikipedia

The Medieval Arundel Tomb in Chichester

2. January 2017

A memorial for Philip Larkin has been revealed in the Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey. This invites us to ponder the medieval Arundel Tomb, which inspired him

The grave of Liden Kirsten and Buris at Vestervig © Vestervig Church

Kirsten and Buris at Vestervig Abbey

31. December 2016

In Vestervig in Northern Jutland newly wedded brides place their wedding bouquets at a 13th century medieval tombstone. Why is that?

Abelard and Heloise at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Source: Wikipedia

Abelard and Heloise at Père Lachaise in Paris

29. December 2016

Abelard and Heloise have left us some of the most heart-wringing and evocative love letters ever written. In the 19th century a cult developed among lovelorn youngsters at Père Lachaise

Guidarello Guidarelli. Press Photo: Scuderie del Quirinale 2016

Guidarello Guidarelli c. 1450 – 1501

28. December 2016

Guidarello Guidarelli (* Ravenna, c. 1450, † Imola, 06.03.1501) was an Italian military leader in the service of Cesare Borgia. He is famous for his effigy

University-Square-Marquee in medieval Leeds detail

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Ragnar Lodbrog dying in the Snake Pit

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Medieval History Books 2016

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Medieval Anniversaries 2016

1016 Cnut the Great Conquered England and in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. However, more anniversaries are in the pipeline….

Detail Opus Anglicanum British Museum MLA. 84 6.6

Medieval Exhibitions 2016

This year opens with a number of exhibitions on medieval matters of the more esoteric kind. However, autumn will bring a major exhibition in Paris on the Merovingians….