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Lejre Museum

Lejre in Denmark is famous as the mythical royal seat of the Scyldings, renowned in Beowulf. However, it is also a hugely fascinating archaeological site.

A new museum is well worth a detour….

Medieval News 2016 May 5 Cover
Medieval News, May 2016, No 5

Medieval News from May 2016 brings you stories about Lejre in the land of the Scyldings and Beowulf, which is about to be unlocked….

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Gl lejre from the air Ole Malling/Roskilde Museum.

Myth and Archaeology

REVIEW: New excellent book tells the story of the mythological centre in Gl. Lejre AD 500 -1000 ….

Odin from Lejre © Ole Malling/ Roskilde Museum

Odin from Lejre?

Is the silver figurine from Lejre representing Odin? Freya? Or perhaps a völva, a Viking sorceress? Many interpretations have been put forward….

Roskilde seen from the Firth wikipedia

From Lejre to Roskilde

Around AD 1000 the royal seat in Lejre had lost its political power to the Jelling Dynasty, which founded a new royal centre there. Later this grew to be the city of Roskilde….

Andreas Achenbach Sunset after a Storm on the Coast of Sicily Met Museum

What Impact Did Climate Have Upon Medieval History?

What impact did the volcanic eruption in AD 536 have on European migration? Was a calm spell of weather a precondition for the Islamic invasions of the Islands and Northern Shores of the Mediterranean? Did the crusaders loose their hold on Palestine because weather-conditions in Europe deteriorated?….

Looking down into the Crater of Vesuvius. Source: www.euro-t-guide.com

Medieval Natural Disasters and Resilience

Natural disasters in the Middle Ages were met with resilience in a number of different ways: migration, rebuilding, re-settlements. 2015 issue of the journal, Postclassical Archaeologies, focus on this theme….

Ruin of Belmont Castle in Israel - Panoramio

Environmental Disasters in the Medieval Levant

BOOK REVIEW: In Climate and Political Climate, Sarah Kate Raphael explores the interplay between the general climatic shift in Medieval Levants, the impact of singular devastating environmental events and the warring, raiding and diplomatic squabbling between Crusaders and Saracens….

A fragment of a tapestry representing two figures from Egypt, ca. 7th-9th century A.D. Byzantine Collection, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC

Designing identity: The Power of Textiles in Late Antiquity

  • Powerful Textiles from Late Antiquity in New York….
  • The catalogue accompanying the exhibition on the Power of Textiles in Late Antiquity is both beautiful and informative….
  • Textiles in Late Antiquity….
  • Byzantine Textiles in German Collections….

Medieval News 2016 April Cover

Medieval News April 2016, No 4

Forty pages packed with Medieval News about textiles from Late Antiquity, new Viking settlement in Newfoundland, a Danish expedition into the North Atlantic, which some believe reached the same shores in 1473 and how to churn your butter with the devil… plus as usual a list of new books

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Endre church in Gotland, Sweden. Cow being milked

Churning Butter with the Devil

Milking and churning butter were competences belonging to the female sphere in Northwestern Europe. However, in the later Middle Ages, butter became a very important export article. This led to the development of a special motif: the devil’s milkmaid….

Nordic bog butter

Medieval Bog Butter

RECIPE: Make your own medieval butter and preserve it in an Irish Bog. Brian Kaller tells us how….

Jeanne d'Arc Rude Louvre

Was Joan of Arc Epileptic?

From the age of thirteen, Joan of Arc experienced frequent episodes of auditory and visual hallucinations. Did she suffer from epilepsy? Or was she a saintly Maid on a Mission?….

Medieval News 2016 March Cover

Medieval News 2016 – March

The March Issue of Medieval News 2016 brings you the new stories about Joan of Arc – her purported ring, a legal battle, and neurologist claiming she was epileptic … and much more!

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birthplace of Joan of Arc at Domremy

Domrémy – the Birth Place of Joan of Arc

The place to go to ponder the life and death of Joan of Arc is the humble village near the Meuse, where she was born….

Palais of the Bishop Rouen Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Museum in Rouen

Historial Joan of Arc is anstallation in Rouen. Here she has been turned her into a digitized saint



Future home for ring of Joanof arc at Puy du Fou

Joan of Arc’s Ring a Stage Prop at Puy du Fou

Recently the Puy du Fou foundation, which runs a historical theme park in Western France, bought the alleged ring of Joan of Arc. The purported relic has now been brought home

Christ from Aunslev - a viking pendant © Fyns Museer

Christ from Aunslev – Denmarks Oldest Crucifix

 Some time around 900 a Danish Viking woman went for a walk in the fields near Aunslev on the Island of Funen and lost a very precious piece of jewellery: a viking crucifix. The pendant may witness to an early presence of Christianity in Denmark….

Reconstruction of burial in the museum at Ladby

The Viking Ship Burial at Ladby

Curiously enough, Vikings in Denmark were buried in so-called ships-settings, stone-ships created in the landscape to mark out the their graves. Only one viking has ever been found in his ship: the Viking from Ladby….

banner new medieval history books 2016

Medieval History Books 2016

Totally unfair, we have highlighted a handful of books on Medieval History, which we are looking forward to in 2016….


Medieval Anniversaries 2016

1016 Cnut the Great Conquered England and in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. However, more anniversaries are in the pipeline….

Detail Opus Anglicanum British Museum MLA. 84 6.6

Medieval Exhibitions 2016

This year opens with a number of exhibitions on medieval matters of the more esoteric kind. However, autumn will bring a major exhibition in Paris on the Merovingians….

Medieval News

Angel playing music. From the Cathedral in Poitiers. Xavier Guilloteau/Diocèse de Poitiers

Fascinating Medieval Frescos in the Cathedral of Poitiers

14. May 2016

After several years of restoration, the colourful frescoes in the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre in Poitiers have been unveiled in all their splendid charm

Dr Roderick Dale (Researcher) and Dr Tom Birkett (Principal Investigator) from the World-Tree Project, pictured with Elena Coderoni and Shane Broderick from UCC’s Medieval & Renaissance Society.

Vikings and the World-Tree Project

13. May 2016

The World-Tree Project – and interactive Digital Archive for the Teaching and Study of the Vikings have gone live. Explore the new website…

Garden of earthly delights By Hieronymus Bosch. In Prado. Source: Wikipedia/detail

Medieval Political Satire and Sexual Innuendo

14. April 2016

1516 Ferdinand II of Aragon died after imbibing an ugly stew of bull’s testicles and Spanish fly. Political satires, also Böhmernann’s is rooted here

Memorial for the battle of Mori. Wikipedia

Mongol Horrors in Hungary 1241

10. April 2016

In 1241 – 42 the Mongol invasions of Hungary caused widespread destruction Recently, a house filled with the charred remains of murdered victims plus a forgotten treasure reminds us of these horrors.

Medieval Books

The Nuns in the Hay Wain by Hieronymus Bosch

The World of Medieval Monasticism: Its History and Forms of Life

24. May 2016

The World of Medieval Monasticism: Its History and Forms of Life tells the story of how countless religious people searched for a more spiritual life

Medieval Calendar c 1400

History of Rhythms in the Middle Ages

22. May 2016

In a new book Jean-Claude Schmitt writes about how people experienced medieval rhythms. And how the rhythms of their world ruptured

Sergius of Radonezh blessing Dmitri Donskoi before the Battle of Kulikovo depicted in a 1907 watercolor on paper by Ernst Lissner. Source: Wikipedia

Ancient Rus and Medieval Europe: The Emergence of Early Medieval States

22. May 2016

The complex questions concerning the emergence of Early Medieval states in Ancient Rus and Medieval Europe were at the forefront of a conference in 2012

Usury and medieval banks Ms Additional 27695 - © The British Library, Genoa 1340 cropped

The Idea of a Moral Economy

18. May 2016

The Idea of a Moral Economy is the first modern edition and translation of three questions disputed in 1330 by the theologian Gerard of Siena.

Medieval Exhibitions

Gl lejre from the air Ole Malling/Roskilde Museum.

Lejre Museum

1. May 2016

Lejre in Denmark was the mythical royal seat of the Scyldings, renowned in Beowulf and the chronicle of Widukind. A new museum is well worth a detour.

Turkey, Istanbul(?), Turkman style, ca. 1500 -1525 Steel, Iron, gold, copper alloys © Metropolitan Museum of Art

Islamic Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

11. April 2016

Islamic Arms and Armour were early on prestigious symbols of status, wealth, and power. New book beautifully presents the collection in the Met .

A fragment of a tapestry representing two figures from Egypt, ca. 7th-9th century A.D. Byzantine Collection, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC

Powerful Textiles from Late Antiquity

30. March 2016

This spring, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at the University of New York has mounted an exhibition on the Power of Textiles: how people in Late Antiquity used sumptuous textiles to design their identity.

Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo reopening 2016

Medieval Art in L’Aquila

29. March 2016

In 2009 an earthquake registering 6.3 on the Richter scale struck the city of L’Aquila in the Abbruzzo in Italy. Now the regional art museum has reopened.

Medieval Conferences

Jacob’s Journey to Egypt (detail) in Rudolf von Ems’ World Chronicle

Medieval Textiles on the Move

25. May 2016

What did people wear, when traveling? How did they pack their clothes? How far did medieval textiles travel? Join the MEDATS conference and learn more

Paratext-closeup -Oregon Library

Power and the Paratext in Medieval Manuscript Culture

24. May 2016

The conference will explore the power invested in paratexts such as annotations, glosses, images, prologues and rubrics in medieval manuscript culture.

Vikings at Ardmore studio near Dublin

Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Engagement

13. May 2016

The Irish are fascinated rediscovering the Vikings. Not least since the filming of the series “The Vikings” became located in Ireland.

Hagios Sozomenos Cyprus

Medieval Mediterranean Cities in Transition

7. May 2016

What role does the medieval fabric of Mediterranean cities play in the construction of these cities as cultural heritage?