Exhibition from Landesmuseum Westfalen the man from Beckum © Landesmuseum Westfalen in Herne

The Prince from Beckum AD 600 – 650

23. July 2016

The Prince from Beckum in North Rhein-Westphalia from the beginning of the 7th century tells a story of a man who lived in a mixed cultural setting

Medieval Trier

Trier – Medieval Town in a Crisis

22. July 2016

Curious find of long lost register of loans and rents 1347-1405 in Trier further reconstruction of the social and material fabric in the medieval town

Water mill from Luttrell Psalter fol 181r British Library

Salmon Suffered from Medieval Water Mills

21. July 2016

Salmon declined severely after 1400. New study demonstrates that the culprit was the explosion in vertical water mills and not overfishing or contamination

Mingary castle from afar

Mingary Castle

18. July 2016

Mingary Castle in the peninsula of the Ardnamurchan has been called the most intact thirteenth century castle in Scotland. After full restoration, the castle now offers a luxurious stay for select groups of up to ten people.

Gortenfern with view over Cul na Croise Bay and Eden - location for Channel 4. Courtesy by Paul Howes

Eden – What If We Could Start Again?

18. July 2016

Will it all end in a medieval feud, when 23 individuals homestead at Eden, a barren beach in North Western Scotland? Or might it bring hope to discouraged brexiters?

Knights Jousting 1443 BNF MS. 13467 fol 29

The Book of Horsemanship by Duarte I of Portugal

22. June 2016

Famous for its charming reflections on the art of horsemanship, the Livro do Cavalgar from the 15th century provides a fine introduction to jousting

Chateau d Auberoche near Fanlac in Dordogne

Henry of Lancaster’s Expedition to Aquitaine, 1345-1346

22. June 2016

New book follows explores in detail Henry of Lancaster’s Expedition to Aquitaine, 1345-1346 and the practicalities of waging war in the Late Middle Ages

Reading a Medieval Charter at Court

Minor Medieval News June 2016

20. June 2016

Every month we stumble upon minor news from the Medieval World. The accumulated list for June can be enjoyed at leisure here

Castle or Palace at Olite, Navarre, Spain

The Archaeology of Medieval Spain

20. June 2016

Since 1985 a huge number of excavations in medieval Spain has been carried out. Fascinating book presents an overview of the Archaeology of Medieval Spain

Church of the Holy Trinity Coventry: day of last judgement

Studying Late Medieval History

20. June 2016

Puzzled by the Later Middle Ages? New book offers help to under-graduates studying late medieval history, its institutions and way of life

Alonso Sánchez Coello: King Philip II of Spain banqueting with his family and courtiers (The Royal feast). Warsaw National Museum. Source: Wikipedia

Royal Food And Feasting

20. June 2016

Fascinated with Tudor royal feasts and food? Free online course on “Royal Food and Feasting” is offered by the University of Reading.

Reconstructed kitchen at Norwich castle

Henry I at Norwich Castle

18. June 2016

Norwich is planning to recreate itself as the “Gate to Medieval England”. The idea is to create a truly “immersive world of Henry I” at the Norman castle

The Nightmares of Henry I (Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS 157, pp. 382-83). Source: Wikipedia

Search begins for King Henry I in the “Hidden Abbey” in Reading

18. June 2016

A plaque marks the spot of the grave of Henry I at Reading Abbey. However, the exact location is uncertain and archaeologists are now scanning the ground to find it

The Nightmares of Henry I (Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS 157, pp. 382-83). Source: Wikipedia

Henry I, King of England

17. June 2016

Henry I was the fourth son of William the Conqueror. Nevertheless, he ended up ruling England and Normandy in the spirit of his father.

Sixth golden banglet whic surfaced from the field in Vejn 2016 - Poul Nørgaard Pedersen

Viking Gold Hoard at the End of the Rainbow

16. June 2016

Last week, three amateur archaeologists found the largest treasure hoard of Viking gold ever discovered in Denmark. It weighs nearly a kilo.

Kaiser Maximilians Jagd- und Fischreibuch detail 100f

Summer and Crayfish

15. June 2016

The zodiac sign for summer is Cancer. Mythology tells us, it was all about Hercules, but the rest of us know it is about a delicatessen – crayfish

Portrait of Charles IV in Prague detail

Charles IV and His Autobiography

11. June 2016

The Vita Caroli Quarti of Charles IV (1316 – 1378) is one of the earliest royal autobiographies written. A new edition celebrates the 700-year anniversary

Banner for medieval news as flipboard app newsify

Smart Phone? Tablet? Website? Newsletter?

10. June 2016

What is your preferred platform to read the news form the medieval world? As an App, In a Flipboard Magazine? In Newsify? Via our Newsletter?

Lancelot and and Guinevere Herbert James Draper cropped

Chivalry and the Medieval Past

9. June 2016

This book offers an examination of the ways in which the fluid concept of “chivalry” has been used and appropriated after the middle ages.

Rochefoucauld Grail sold at Sothersby 2012

Medieval Chivalry

9. June 2016

The Middle Ages will in the minds of most drum up images of Medieval Chivalry. CUP have now (2016) published an invaluable guide by Kaeuper

The Order of the Star - From Grand Croniques du France Wikipedia web

Geoffrey de Charny c. 1306 -1356

9. June 2016

Geoffrey de Charny was the first documented owner of the Shroud of Turin and an accomplished knight, who wrote a famous handbook of Chivalry.

Pope Francis gazing at the Shroud of Turin. Source vimeo

New studies of DNA on the Turin Shroud?

8. June 2016

The Turin Shroud is one of the most contested relics in Christianity. New article (2016) calls for renewed studies of the ancient DNA in the blood-stains

Simon Bening August Moving Wheat Binding Sheaves - detail. Source: Google Art Project

The Economics of the Black Death

7. June 2016

How come the economy did not ground to a halt after 1349 – 50, but rather witnessed growth? New article aims to shed light on this conundrum

Medieval famine grave from St. Mary's Spitalfield Source: MOLA

Medieval Famine and Frailty in London

7. June 2016

Medieval Famines occurred from time to time. The question is whether some individuals were more prone than others to outlive a period of harsh conditions.

banner new medieval history books 2016

Medieval History Books 2016

Totally unfair, we have highlighted a handful of books on Medieval History, which we are looking forward to in 2016….


Medieval Anniversaries 2016

1016 Cnut the Great Conquered England and in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. However, more anniversaries are in the pipeline….

Detail Opus Anglicanum British Museum MLA. 84 6.6

Medieval Exhibitions 2016

This year opens with a number of exhibitions on medieval matters of the more esoteric kind. However, autumn will bring a major exhibition in Paris on the Merovingians….