Adoring the cross at Karlsteijn

Charles IV (1316 – 1378) King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor

Charles IV (1316 – 1378) was a gifted politician and blessed with a sensual and creative mind. He used these talents to craft a spectacular vision of his own sacred role as both King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. During his lifetime he was busy crafting a number of spectacular “props”, “scenographies” and “scripts”, which he deftly used to legitimise his royal and sacral power. 

This year, 2016, Prague and Nuremberg celebrate the 700-year anniversary of this spectacular king and his eventful life. This has resulted in two major exhibitions, a number of minor shows and a handful of spectacular events, like the re-creation of his coronation as King of Bohemia in September 1347 in Prague – an event which he wrote the screen play for while jewellers designed his new crown.

Don’t miss our special page about Charles IV presenting articles touching upon aspects of his life as well as a number of the places, which he built or just liked to stay. There are also a couple of articles about some of the major events, which have taken place during 2016…

Coronation of Charles IV in Prague September 2016

Medieval Coronations

Did you miss the medieval coronation of Charles IV in Prague last week ? The  video has now been uploaded to youtube. Find the link here…

Coronation of Henry III in Gloucester Cathedral © Kim Phillips

In the same week, Gloucester celebrated the 800th anniversary of the Coronation of King Henry III with a re-enactment in Gloucester Cathedral…



Nydamboat from Gottorp Castle c. AD 310 - 20. The construction of this boat is similar to that which was used at Sutton Hoo. © Gottorp Castle

Hoch and his family in Oakington

26. September 2016

On the edge of the Fenlands at Oikington an Anglo-Saxon man named Hoch built a farm sometime in the 5th century. here, his family was buried

Highland Cattle grazing in the Wicken Fen

Culture and Identity in the Early Medieval Fenlands

25. September 2016

New studies of the use of the fluid landscape in the Early Medieval Fenlands point to a continuity in the settlement-structure from pre-Roman times

Crowland Abbey © Rex Slye

St. Guthlac and Crowland Abbey

25. September 2016

The Anglo-Saxon hermit, St. Guthlac, had a career reaching from aristocratic warrior over monastic visionary to patron saint of Crowland Abbey

Gutlac punting in the Fens (Guthlac sailing to Crowland with Tatwin. from: British Library, Harley Roll Y 6, oundel 4

Medieval Fenlands

24. September 2016

For a long time a number of research projects have explored the culturally fluid landscape of the Medieval Fenlands in Eastern England. New book tells the story

River Deben near Sutton Hoo © River Deben Association

Rendlesham – An Anglo-Saxon Royal Palace Near Sutton Hoo

24. September 2016

Rendelsham is located five km north-east of Sutton Hoo and known as an early Anglo-Saxon emporium. Recently a royal mead-hall was discovered there

Ramzan Kadyrov celebrating winning the elction 2016 in Medieval style

Celebrating ‘Democratic’ Victory in Medieval Armour

20. September 2016

Ramzan Kadyrov, dressed in medieval armour, celebrated the winnings of Putin by 98% at a medieval style party in Grozny in the Russian republic of Chechnya

The Landscape around Dirmstein

Merovingian Graves in Dirmstein

19. September 2016

Tracing residential mobility trough isotopic analysis demonstrates once more that grave-goods and funeral practice cannot be used as ethnic markers

Mishneh Torah of Maimonides

Every People Under Heaven in Medieval Jerusalem

17. September 2016

Exhibition at the Met shows the art, the religious fervour and the inspiration, which medieval Jerusalem offered to Jews, Christians and Muslims 1000 – 1400

Gejlaa bridge in Denmark

The Power of the Harp

16. September 2016

The Power of the Harp is a medieval ballad attested in a Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic. It tells the story of a frightful fall of fair maiden from a stumbling palfrey and into a river.

Ambling Icelandic Horseriding

The Origin of Ambling Horses

14. September 2016

Icelandic Viking horses are known for they ambling gait. Following the gene, scientists now suggest that the first Icelandic horses were in fact English

Staffordshire Hoard Item 550: strip with inscription © Staffordshire Hoard

The Mercian Kingdom in turmoil and the Staffordshire Hoard

14. September 2016

Understanding the Staffordshire Hoard is not an easy task. Was it the stock of a goldsmith, hidden and then lost? A sacrifice of valuables from a vanquished enemy? Or the wilful burial of the wealth and symbols of the Mercians’ ancestors?

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

A Lost Tribal Hidage?

13. September 2016

Bede used charters and other written documents while writing his histories. Careful sifting of the evidence reveals that he also used a now lost “Tribal Hidage”.

Nya Lapphyttan near Norberg in Dalarna. Source wikipedia

Mining in Medieval Sweden

12. September 2016

The economic history of Medieval Sweden is entwined with the early development of proto-industrial iron works and mining in the region north of Stockholm.

Medieval Travels to Santa Maria da Feira 2015

Travels to the Land of Santa Maria da Feira

9. September 2016

A major European medieval events is the twelve-day-festival in Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal. Recently the motives behind participation were explored.

Sigismund son of Charles IV in Konstanz. Source Wikipedia

Charles IV – Deft Politician or Sacral Ruler?

7. September 2016

Charles IV was obsessed with collecting holy relics. Among these, the Royal Relics, assisted Charles in the creation of himself as a sacral king.

Istra in Russia - New Jerusalem Monastery

Monastic Culture in East an West

5. September 2016

New book explores the monastic culture in Western European Catholic and Russian Orthodox monasteries and convents from the Medieval and early Modern Period

University-Square-Marquee in medieval Leeds detail

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Belial, Jakob von Theramo Umgebung Speyer 1461 © Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

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Medieval History Books 2016

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Medieval Anniversaries 2016

1016 Cnut the Great Conquered England and in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. However, more anniversaries are in the pipeline….

Detail Opus Anglicanum British Museum MLA. 84 6.6

Medieval Exhibitions 2016

This year opens with a number of exhibitions on medieval matters of the more esoteric kind. However, autumn will bring a major exhibition in Paris on the Merovingians….