A fragment of a tapestry representing two figures from Egypt, ca. 7th-9th century A.D. Byzantine Collection, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC

Designing identity: The Power of Textiles in Late Antiquity

  • Powerful Textiles from Late Antiquity in New York….
  • The catalogue accompanying the exhibition on the Power of Textiles in Late Antiquity is both beautiful and informative….
  • Textiles in Late Antiquity….
  • Byzantine Textiles in German Collections….

Medieval News 2016 April Cover

Medieval News April 2016, No 4

Forty pages packed with Medieval News about textiles from Late Antiquity, new Viking settlement in Newfoundland, a Danish expedition into the North Atlantic, which some believe reached the same shores in 1473 and how to churn your butter with the devil… plus as usual a list of new books

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Endre church in Gotland, Sweden. Cow being milked

Churning Butter with the Devil

Milking and churning butter were competences belonging to the female sphere in Northwestern Europe. However, in the later Middle Ages, butter became a very important export article. This led to the development of a special motif: the devil’s milkmaid….

Nordic bog butter

Medieval Bog Butter

RECIPE: Make your own medieval butter and preserve it in an Irish Bog. Brian Kaller tells us how….

Jeanne d'Arc Rude Louvre

Was Joan of Arc Epileptic?

From the age of thirteen, Joan of Arc experienced frequent episodes of auditory and visual hallucinations. Did she suffer from epilepsy? Or was she a saintly Maid on a Mission?….

Medieval News 2016 March Cover

Medieval News 2016 – March

The March Issue of Medieval News 2016 brings you the new stories about Joan of Arc – her purported ring, a legal battle, and neurologist claiming she was epileptic … and much more!

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birthplace of Joan of Arc at Domremy

Domrémy – the Birth Place of Joan of Arc

The place to go to ponder the life and death of Joan of Arc is the humble village near the Meuse, where she was born….

Palais of the Bishop Rouen Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Museum in Rouen

Historial Joan of Arc is anstallation in Rouen. Here she has been turned her into a digitized saint



Future home for ring of Joanof arc at Puy du Fou

Joan of Arc’s Ring a Stage Prop at Puy du Fou

Recently the Puy du Fou foundation, which runs a historical theme park in Western France, bought the alleged ring of Joan of Arc. The purported relic has now been brought home

Christ from Aunslev - a viking pendant © Fyns Museer

Christ from Aunslev – Denmarks Oldest Crucifix

 Some time around 900 a Danish Viking woman went for a walk in the fields near Aunslev on the Island of Funen and lost a very precious piece of jewellery: a viking crucifix. The pendant may witness to an early presence of Christianity in Denmark….

Reconstruction of burial in the museum at Ladby

The Viking Ship Burial at Ladby

Curiously enough, Vikings in Denmark were buried in so-called ships-settings, stone-ships created in the landscape to mark out the their graves. Only one viking has ever been found in his ship: the Viking from Ladby….

Green Jacket in exhibition

Fashion in Renaissance Nürnberg

In Nürnberg they have an amazing collection of dresses and other items of clothing, which is usually hidden away. Now for the first time in decades 50 costumes are shown as part of special exhibition, In Fashion

Medieval News 2016-february 1 Cover

Medieval News 2016, No. 2

This week brings you articles about

  • a major exhibition in Nürnberg
  • Arthurian murals from the 13th century

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"That was my real figure from behind, because I had become fat and large." From the Klaidungsbüchlein, made for Matthäus Schwarz, refording his costumes 1520 - 1560. From: First Book of Fashion. The Book of Clothes of Matthaeus and Veit Konrad Schwarz of Augsburg. Ed . by Ulinka Rublack and Maria Hayward, Bloomsbury Academic Illustrations 2015

For the apparel oft proclaims the man…

How come nudity played such an important role in the visualization of Renaissance man and woman? One reason was, it could be used to counterbalance the dressing up of people in the 16th century….

combined combined wide gown and underdress. Germanisches National Museum Nürnberg

Pleated Dresses and Wide Gowns

In the 15th century it became fashionable to parade the pregnant body. A special type of garment was developed: The wide Gown. In Nürnberg a unique example has been preserved….

5 - Cover In Mode

1 - Cover drei schnittbucher Cover

6 cover dressing up by rublack

2 cover The First Book of Fashion

banner new medieval history books 2016

Medieval History Books 2016

Totally unfair, we have highlighted a handful of books on Medieval History, which we are looking forward to in 2016….


Medieval Anniversaries 2016

1016 Cnut the Great Conquered England and in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. However, more anniversaries are in the pipeline….

Detail Opus Anglicanum British Museum MLA. 84 6.6

Medieval Exhibitions 2016

This year opens with a number of exhibitions on medieval matters of the more esoteric kind. However, autumn will bring a major exhibition in Paris on the Merovingians….

Medieval News

Garden of earthly delights By Hieronymus Bosch. In Prado. Source: Wikipedia/detail

Medieval Political Satire and Sexual Innuendo

14. April 2016

1516 Ferdinand II of Aragon died after imbibing an ugly stew of bull’s testicles and Spanish fly. Political satires, also Böhmernann’s is rooted here

Memorial for the battle of Mori. Wikipedia

Mongol Horrors in Hungary 1241

10. April 2016

In 1241 – 42 the Mongol invasions of Hungary caused widespread destruction Recently, a house filled with the charred remains of murdered victims plus a forgotten treasure reminds us of these horrors.

Vikings at Point Rosee in Newfoundland

Rewriting History of Vikings in Newfoundland

7. April 2016

Guided by ancient Norse sagas and modern satellite images, searchers claim to have discovered North America’s second site of Vikings in Newfoundland

Ring of Joan of Arc return to Puy du Fou

Charade Surrounding Return of Joan of Arc Ring

29. March 2016

A contingent of French soldiers formed a guard of honour when the purported ring of Joan of Arc illegally returned to France

Medieval Books

Vandals - Horseman in front of a villa. Bord-Djedid, Carthage. © Trustees of the British Museum

The Vandals – Rise and Fall of a Barbarian Kingdom

29. April 2016

The Vandals gave their name to a word still invoking fear: vandalism. But who were they and what role did they play in the history of Late Antiquity

Funeral of Richard II MS Royal 18 E II F 416v British Library

Mortality and Community in Medieval Europe

28. April 2016

CfP for abstracts for chapters to be included in an upcoming volume on Mortality and Death in Medieval and Early Modern art, history, and culture.

Medieval Gendering - The Engagement of Virgin by Michael Pacher, AD 1495-1498 Location: österreichische Galerie, Vienna Copyright: Public Domain

Gendering the Late Medieval and Early Modern World

28. April 2016

Gendering the Late Medieval World is a new scholarly book series aiming not only at presenting particular case-studies but also contribute to theoretical and methodological reflections on gender in a wider context.

Mary Magdalen BL Stowe 12, f.276v

The Marys of Medieval Drama

25. April 2016

“The Marys of Medieval Drama” contains modern translations of plays performed during the late Middle Ages in England about the lives of the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene

Medieval Exhibitions

Turkey, Istanbul(?), Turkman style, ca. 1500 -1525 Steel, Iron, gold, copper alloys © Metropolitan Museum of Art

Islamic Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

11. April 2016

Islamic Arms and Armour were early on prestigious symbols of status, wealth, and power. New book beautifully presents the collection in the Met .

A fragment of a tapestry representing two figures from Egypt, ca. 7th-9th century A.D. Byzantine Collection, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC

Powerful Textiles from Late Antiquity

30. March 2016

This spring, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at the University of New York has mounted an exhibition on the Power of Textiles: how people in Late Antiquity used sumptuous textiles to design their identity.

Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo reopening 2016

Medieval Art in L’Aquila

29. March 2016

In 2009 an earthquake registering 6.3 on the Richter scale struck the city of L’Aquila in the Abbruzzo in Italy. Now the regional art museum has reopened.

Paintings from de tubilla del agua MNAC Barcelona

New Romanesque and Gothic Masterpieces at Museo Nacional in Barcelona

28. March 2016

New Romanesque and Gothic Masterpieces exhibited at Museo Nacional in Barcelona stem from a donation by Antonio Gallardo Ballart

Medieval Conferences

Scenes from Emmaus. Ivory plaque 8-9 centuries © Metropolitan Museum of Art

Monastic Journeys from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages

29. April 2016

Contrary to received wisdom monks flittered around the Early Medieval Mediterranean. Conference in November explores these Monastic Journeys

Jewish quarter in Castelo de Vide

The Role of Small Towns in the Construction of Medieval Europe

25. April 2016

Towns in Medieval Europe were small and seemingly insignificant. Portuguese conference aims to zoom in upon their role and function

Visit the Orkey Islands

Seafaring – an Early Medieval Conference on the Islands of the North Atlantic

2. April 2016

Seafaring in the Early Medieval Archipelagos of the North Atlantic is a three-day international conference bringing scholars together in order to create a platform for future collaboration and interdisciplinary projects and research programmes.

Liuthar-Evangeliar detail

Manuscript Illumination after the Carolingians

28. March 2016

Session at next MAA conference in Toronto will shed light on the period “After the Carolingians: Manuscript Illumination in the Tenth–Eleventh Centuries