Medieval Women

Women, Art and Culture in Medieval and Early Renaissance Europe

Anne de Lusignan, Marie de Clèves, Charlotte de Savoie, Jeanne de Bourgogne and Jeanne de France… These are only some of those queens, duchesses and noble women whose art, lifestyle and political aspirations have been at the center of an interdisciplinary exchange program the last three years.

End of March an interdisciplinary conference in Lille will present a large number of papers, each summing up the results from the research projects stimulated by this international network. The multidisciplinary conference will address the artistic patronage of bibliophile and literary women during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance in Europe

One of the results of this international program has been the recent book edited by Anne-Marie Legare, D. Eichberger and W. Hüsken about Women at the Burgundian Court. Out last year, this collection of essays analyse the ways in which medieval women, such as Isabella of Portugal, Margaret of York, Mary of Burgundy and Margaret of Austria made an impact through their physical, moral and spiritual presence at court. During the absence of the prince these well-educated and internationally experienced spouses, mothers and aunts were put in charge of courtly households; in some instances they were even appointed regents of the Netherlandish territories for a limited period of time. The youngest generation of women represented by the sisters and consorts of Charles V and Ferdinand I – now forming part of the extended family network – continued this tradition and took it to Germany, Spain, France and Portugal. The court developed into a kind of ‘gender laboratory’, in which women actively negotiated their position of power, thus consolidating their influence in politics, diplomacy, education and art.

Women, Art and Culture in Medieval and Early Renaissance Europe 28 – 30 marts 2012, Lille, France

Women at the Burgundian Court.
Presence and Influence.
Femmes à la Cour de Bourgogne: Présence et Influence
D. Eichberger, A.-M. Legaré, W. Hüsken (eds.)
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