medieval jewelry from Croatia

Croatian Jewelry

Medieval Jewelry and Burial Assemblages in Croatia have been studied to provide relative and absolute chronologies

Medieval jewelry in Croatia CoverMedieval Jewelry and Burial Assemblages in Croatia. A Study of Graves and Grave Goods, ca. 800 to ca. 1450
By: Vladimir Sokol
Series: East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450
Brill 2016
ISBN13: 9789004185531

The Croatian medieval archaeological heritage from the 8th to the 15th century consists mostly of jewelry (earrings) findings from cemeteries. This book uses vertical and horizontal stratigraphy, on the basis of around 20,000 burial assemblages from 16 cemeteries (out of several hundred so far excavated in Croatia), to establish relative and absolute chronology of jewelry and burial architecture divided into three horizons and four phases in comparison with materials from neighboring regions of Europe.


Vladimir Sokol, Ph.D. (2003), is an archaeologist, and the founder and longtime director of the Museum of Prigorje in Sesvete-Zagreb. He has published monographs (Hrvatska arheološka baština od Jadrana do Save (2006), and Rimski metal s Kuzelina (1998)) as well as many articles on Late Antiquity and the early medieval period in Croatia.


Gold earring found in Croatia, 1300-1350 Earring, one of a pair found during excavations near the Church of Holy Salvation near the spring of the Cetina river in Croatia.