Curt Emanuel

Medieval History Geek

Curt Emanuel has no formal history training.
 o Latin.
 Not a SCAdian. 

But he is interested in Medieval History, particularly from the 4th through 9th centuries and he reads about it – a lot.

 He thinks that makes him a geek.

“So why this blog? The short and probably essential reason is because I want to. Also because I’m pretentious enough to think I might have something of value to offer. Ultimately though I hope I can help other amateurs who may be a bit earlier in their exploration of the Middle Ages with some advice on what to read, aspects of historical study which may not be obvious, and pitfalls to avoid. I’m frequently involved in online discussions about the Medieval Period and there are a lot of misconceptions out there. I’m an educator in “not history” and I love it – being able to perform some sort of educational role for a hobby that fascinates me is very enjoyable – I just wish I had more time for it.”

The Medieval History Geek

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