Medieval Climate: Hiking Along the Vazhenka Rivernin Karelia. Source:123 rfMedieval Climate Change

Since the first books on the Little Ice Age  were published, scientists, historians and archaeologists have explored the shifts in medieval climate from the Roman Optimum to the heatwaves of the 21st century. We bring you an overview here of some of the best scholarship:

Pomerania. Landscape © MoverOne

Climate and Migrations in Early Medieval Germany

23. April 2017

What role did the Early Medieval climate changes play in the creation of the post-Roman world? Did people migrate because of the cooling weather? Read more

Rocca san Silvestro. Source: Museum

Medieval Hilltop Villages and Castles in the Italian Landscape

31. March 2017

The history behind the castle-building on hilltops in the medieval Mediterranean landscape – the incastellamento or incastellation – is nuanced Read more

Green Man from Norwich Cathedral. Source: Wikipedia

Environment in the Classical and Medieval Worlds

19. November 2016

Environmentalism covers the ancient idea that environments and climate influences our mentalities. New book offers an introduction Read more

Triumph of Death Wall Painting, ca. 1448, Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo (Photo Rob Cook, 2012)

The Great Transition in the Late Medieval World

13. August 2016

New book by Bruce M. S. Campbell on the Great Transition from 13th to the 16th century promises to be the new bible in environmental history Read more

Drought in Syria Worst in 900 years

Syrian Drought Worst in 900 Years

12. August 2016

The newly published Old World Drought Atlas was recently used to gauge the seriousness of the Syrian Draught, the like of which has not been seen for 900 years. Read more

Looking down into the Crater of Vesuvius. Source:

Medieval Natural Disasters and Resilience

30. April 2016

Natural disasters in the Middle Ages were met with resilience in a number of different ways: migration, rebuilding, re-settlements. Read more

Fog in spring Source: picsofcanada/2007

The Double Volcanic Event in AD 536 and AD 540

21. April 2016

Severe deterioration of living conditions in Scandinavia in the years AD 536 – 50 was caused by two volcanic explosions following upon each other. Read more

Andreas Achenbach Sunset after a Storm on the Coast of Sicily Met Museum

What Impact Did Climate Have Upon Medieval History?

21. April 2016

What impact did climate have on Medieval History? A new crop of studies help to explore the details of the linkage between migrations, wars and much more. Get the overview here Read more

Ruin of Belmont Castle in Israel - Panoramio

Environmental Disasters in the Medieval Levant

20. April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Sarah Kate Raphael explores the interplay between the climate in Medieval Levant and the politics of crusading and warring in the region Read more

Herjolfsnæs © Christian Koch Madsen 2009

The Medieval Warm Period

19. April 2016

The medieval warm period (AD 725 – 1025) was characterised by little solar activity and few volcanic eruptions. This resulted in climate stability and economic and demographic growth Read more

Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch Folio 28. The Book of Miracles is in a private collection, but has been published.

Climate History

18. April 2016

Historical Climatology is a website dedicated to share interdisciplinary research into historical climate studies with journalists, policymakers, scholars and the general public Read more

Karelia old houses falling apart in Pegrema Karelia

Medieval Climate Shifts and Settlements in North Eastern Europe

18. April 2016

Recent studies explore the connection between medieval climate changes and historical migrations in North Eastern Europe bordering the White See Read more

Spatial distribution, magnitude and extension of the warmest 11 yr periods in European summer temperature Environmental Research Letters Volume 11 Number 2

Medieval Summer Temperatures in Europe

18. April 2016

Medieval summer temperatures shifted dramatically inside the last 2000 years, shows new studies. Next step is to map the shifts regionally. Read more

Oak tree 123rf - © anton malikov web

Late Antique Little Ice Age AD 536 – 660

9. February 2016

New research demonstrates the widespread impact of the climatic shocks in the 6th century creating a Late Antique Littel Ice Age reaching across most of the northern hemisphere Read more

Kallela Lemminkainens Mother

The Dust Veil AD 536

7. May 2014

The sun turns black, earth sinks in the sea. Down from heaven, stars are whirled… Thus sang the Seeress (the Völva) to Odin Read more

Volcano in Rinjani National Park

Medieval Volcano

3. October 2013

Source of Mysterious Medieval Eruption from 1258 identified as Indonesia’s Samalas volcano, part of the Rinjani Volcanic Complex on Lombok Island Read more