Medieval Anniversaries 2016

WATCH OUT FOR: Medieval Anniversaries 2016

Each year museum curators, organisers of conferences and nationalists galore find occasion to celebrate anniversaries. Last year (2015) saw year-long celebrations of Magna Carta (1215) the Battle of Agincourt (1415), Jan Hus (1415) and Columbanus (615) – to name but a few. Here follows a list up the upcoming celebrations for 2016

St. Martin of Tours 316 – 2016

MartinTours by simone martiniThe city of Tours organises pilgrimages, meetings and other religiously inspired events together with the church in Tours. The major scholar conference will take place at Université de Tours 14.10.2016 – 14.10.2016 on the “La figure martinienne, essor et renaissances de l’Antiquité tardive à nos jours”. CfP: before 30. April 2016!

Cnut 1016 – 2016

Emma&CnutIn 1015 – 16 Sven Forkbeard and his son Cnut conquered England. This has so-far resulted in a series of conferences, now well under their way: Empire of the Sea and King Cnut 1016-2016 took place in 2015 was the first. 2016 will see a major conference in London: Æthelred II and Cnut the Great 1016. To this should be added the conference called Conquest 1016 and 1066 covering both the major events in 2016

Battle of Hastings 1066 – 2016

Battle at Hastings reenactment 2012Under the banner of “Concorde 1066“, a programme of events have been designed to commemorate the momentous conflict, which took place 950 years ago on the 14th October 1066, and which defined the course of English. With a booklet underway and planned festivities to take place in collaboration with a local initiative operating under the banner of “Battle 950” a series of activities are planned – lectures, exhibitions, reenactments, a commemorative coin, church services etc. As usual there will be a Battle Conference on Anglo Norman Studies organised, this year in July in Cambridge.

In Bayeux – home of the tapestry – the city has decided to commemorate the battle by celebrating the 30th anniversary of their famous medieval festival. Don’t forget to join the medievalists in February in Oxford, commemorating the Tapestry itself.


Dominican Order 1216 – 2016

Saint-thomas-aquinas-croppedNot an anniversary, but a jubilee according to the Order of Preachers, celebrations are well under way amongst the brothers and sisters. However, in Oxford a major conference is planned in September to gather “Dominican Scholars” from all over the world.  The title of the conference is “The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages”

Hieronymus Bosch 1450 – 1516.

Jheronimus-Bosch in his studioIn 2016, Hieronimus Bosch will be coming home. Dozens of renowned works by the master from ‘s-Hertogenbosch will return to the city they were created in 500 years ago for the largest retrospective ever: Jheronimus Bosch – Visions of a Genius at the Noordbrabants Museum 12.02.2016 – 08.05.2016. The main event in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will be accompanied by a number of other exhibitions in Brabrant. Later, the exhibition will move to Madrid




This year will be see a number of reenactments of the Battle of Hastings. This photo is from 2006.