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Dried Cod from Iceland. Source: Wikipedia

19. April 2017 by

Medieval Cod Wars 1415 – 2017

After 1400, marine fishing became one of the first global industries. Then as now huge political and economic interests were at stake; often leading to war

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Coptic Church blasted in Cairo 2017 Source: Twitter

10. April 2017 by

Sorrow and Fear in Coptic Egypt

Easter 2017, two blasts left 61 dead in Coptich Churches in Egypt. The history of the persecution of the Christian Copts reaches back to the 3rd century.

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Donald Duck Examines the the Jelling Stone © Disney/Egmont

13. March 2017 by

Donald Duck goes to Jelling

The Rune Stones at Jelling are in for a renewed scrutiny by Donald Duck and his bright nephews, when the search goes on for a unique Viking necklace.

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The Capitulation of Granada by F Pradilla

9. January 2017 by

Commemorating the Conquest of Granada 1492

This week the re-conquest of Granada in 1492 was once more celebrated in the streets while a squabble broke out among politicians, artists and historians about the (lack of) political correctness.

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Donald Trump and Family

11. November 2016 by

Enter the Medieval Clan

This week we have witnessed a shift in global politics difficult to come to terms with. One way is by imagining a post-liberal, clannish, medieval society.

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The Frescoes from the Monastery in Sigena in the Art Museum in Barcelona

10. November 2016 by

Monastery of Santa María de Sigena

Nearly destroyed in 1936 during the Civil War, the murals from Santa María de Sigena are at the centre of a vicious fight between Catalonia and Aragon

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Norcia destroyed in earthquake

31. October 2016 by

Benedictine Basilica in Norcia Crumbles

In 2000 a group of monks returned to Norcia in Southern Umbria to live out their vocation in the birthplace of St. Benedict. This autumn it has all crumbled

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Drought in Syria Worst in 900 years

12. August 2016 by

Syrian Drought Worst in 900 Years

The newly published Old World Drought Atlas was recently used to gauge the seriousness of the Syrian Draught, the like of which has not been seen for 900 years.

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detail Statue in front of the Kremlin

27. January 2016 by

Kremlin under Siege

UNESCO considers removing World Heritage Status from the Kremlin due to the erection of a massive statue of Vladimir the Great

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