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Rare book school in Virginia

9. March 2016 by

Rare Book School

Looking for an introduction to Paleography, Western Codicology or illuminated manuscripts? Rare Books School offers courses for aspiring medievalists

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University of Utrecht

25. November 2015 by

Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies 

The Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies coordinates the manifold research initiatives developed by the medievalists working at Utrecht University.

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Begijnhof in Amsterdam

20. October 2015 by

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Amsterdam

The aim of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Amsterdam is to facilitate a stable cooperation among and for the benefit of research and teaching staff. The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies was set up in 2010 to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation between archaeologists, historians, art historians etc. As of today (2015) 37 scholars are connected …

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Martinellum Utrecht MS 124

13. December 2013 by

University of Utrecht

Medieval Studies at The University of Utrecht, Department of History and Art History focus on Literacy and Society The Department of History and Art History is composed of three sections: History, Art History and the Centre for Conflict Studies. The research and education programmes of the History section span the period from Classical Antiquity up to …

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Ottawa The major and minor in medieval and Renaissance studies are interdisciplinary programs whose multi-faceted approach helps students better understand the complexity and richness of medieval civilization. In addition to courses that provide an introduction to medieval civilization, the programs include a number of courses in history, classical …

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