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8. October 2016 by

Medieval Summer Courses 2017

Summer Courses in Medieval history, art, archaeology, literature and all the other disciplines will be listed here chronologically

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Drought in Syria Worst in 900 years

12. August 2016 by

Syrian Drought Worst in 900 Years

The newly published Old World Drought Atlas was recently used to gauge the seriousness of the Syrian Draught, the like of which has not been seen for 900 years.

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Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice 1435-08-14_Djuradj_Brankovic, in: monasterium.net

11. August 2016 by

Chartered Landscapes and Networks

Medieval charters are valuable resources for writing local histories of landscapes and lives. But they are also useful when studying networks through time

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Medieval Trier

22. July 2016 by

Trier – Medieval Town in a Crisis

Curious find of long lost register of loans and rents 1347-1405 in Trier further reconstruction of the social and material fabric in the medieval town

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Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch Folio 2. The Book of Miracles is in a private collection, but has been published. Source: Wikipedia

18. April 2016 by

Climate History Network

Climate History Network is an organization of scholars, who work to reconstruct past climate changes and identify how these changes affected human history

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Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch Folio 28. The Book of Miracles is in a private collection, but has been published.

18. April 2016 by

Climate History

Historical Climatology is a website dedicated to share interdisciplinary research into historical climate studies with journalists, policymakers, scholars and the general public

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Layers of glossing in MS 1158 BM Troyes 900 f 1r

11. March 2016 by

Understanding Medieval Glossing

A network of researchers dedicated to advancing our understanding of glossing—that is, practices of annotating texts between the lines or in the margins of books - has been formed

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Rare book school in Virginia

9. March 2016 by

Rare Book School

Looking for an introduction to Paleography, Western Codicology or illuminated manuscripts? Rare Books School offers courses for aspiring medievalists

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Ivory Bookform Calendar from the © Schoyen collection

14. February 2016 by

The Schøyen Collection

The Schøyen Collection holds manuscripts from around the world spanning 5000 years of human culture and civilisation. Many are medieval.

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9. February 2016 by

Life of St. Winifred

Known in Welsh as Gwenfrewy, st. Winifred is the best known of the Welsh female saints. She lived and died in the seventh century. At the site of her martydom, a well sprang out. To this day this is the centre of a renowned pilgrimage.

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18. November 2014 by

Troubadours and the Crusades

The songs of the troubadours include scores of original sources that bring to life medieval responses to the crusades. Now original sources are available

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