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The Arundel Tomb in Chichester Cathedral. Source: Wikipedia

2. January 2017 by

The Medieval Arundel Tomb in Chichester

A memorial for Philip Larkin has been revealed in the Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey. This invites us to ponder the medieval Arundel Tomb, which inspired him

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Abelard and Heloise at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Source: Wikipedia

29. December 2016 by

Abelard and Heloise at Père Lachaise in Paris

Abelard and Heloise have left us some of the most heart-wringing and evocative love letters ever written. In the 19th century a cult developed among lovelorn youngsters at Père Lachaise

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Donald Trump and Family

11. November 2016 by

Enter the Medieval Clan

This week we have witnessed a shift in global politics difficult to come to terms with. One way is by imagining a post-liberal, clannish, medieval society.

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General view over valley in mountains of south Norway from beside Lendbreen glacier

26. November 2014 by

Recreating Norwegian Tunic from the Iron Age

A Norwegian tunic, dated to AD 230 -390, is going to be recreated In Norway the ice is melting in the glaciers, shedding numerous treasures from the prehistoric as well as medieval past. A few years ago the Lendbreen glacier in Breheimen National Park thus coughed up shoes, hunting gear, tent pegs, textile rags and horse dung …

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Davos 2013

19. January 2014 by

Davos 2014

This year the spirit is definitely downcast. Maybe Davos-man ought to "go medieval"...

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Jeanne d'Arc in the film by Carl Th. Dreyer

4. December 2013 by

Voices of Light

Minimalism, New Simplicity and Simple Living is reflected in the music of Einhorn: Voices of Light...

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10. July 2013 by

Medieval Data Mining

IMC 2013: The introduction to data mining of medieval charters was an interesting topic...

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Death of Croatian king Petar Svacic in the mountains near Gvozd, 1097

9. July 2013 by

Medieval Croatia

Croatia joined the EU July 2013. But from where does the idea of a separate Croat identity stem?

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