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Sacramentarium tinecense - National Library Krakow fol. 42

12. June 2017 by

The Sacramentary from Tyniec

The Sacramentary from the Benedictine abbey in Tyniec from c. 1060 – 70 is one of the prized possessions of the National Library in Warsaw.

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Detail: Medieval Table Fountain, French 1320 - 40. © Cleveland Art Museum

2. November 2016 by

Cleveland’s Gothic Table Fountain

Cleveland Museum of Art celebrates its centenary in 2016. For medievalist a particular exhibition of Cleveland’s Gothic Table Fountain is exciting

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Ivory Bookform Calendar from the © Schoyen collection

14. February 2016 by

The Schøyen Collection

The Schøyen Collection holds manuscripts from around the world spanning 5000 years of human culture and civilisation. Many are medieval.

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De Arte Venandi cum Avibus fol 141 Pal. Lat. 1071 © Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

2. October 2015 by

Frederic II Hunting with Birds

Frederic II, Holy-Roman Emperor, is known for his audacious life, his great Italian castles and his wars with the Pope. But he was also an avid patron of the arts. His hunting book is one of his great legacies.

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Dr. Bastian Eclercy from Hannover with a historical model of the Golden Panel

8. September 2015 by

Golden Panel from Lüneburg

One of the highlights of Hannover Landesmuseum is the remains of the Golden Panel which once decorated the high altar of S. Michael's in Lüneburg

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Detail of reliquary from Bobbio- source columbanus2015

14. July 2015 by

Shrine from Bobbio

Various copper-alloy fragments found in Bobbio were identified in 1990 as part of a 7th century house-shaped shrine. Might it have belonged to Columbanus?

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Charles is being dressed in hoses with fleur-de-lis

29. April 2015 by

Coronation of Charles V

In 1364 Charles V (1338 -1380) was crowned as king of France in Rheims. The following year he commissioned a beautiful manuscript to commemorate the event – the so-called Coronation Book of Charles V.

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earl of lancaster © British Library fol 56 Luttrell psalter

31. March 2015 by

Medieval Devotional Panel

Archaeologists from MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) discovered the devotional panel, venerating Thomas, Earl of Lancaster in remarkable condition by the River Thames.

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Iron Crown from Monza in Italy

10. February 2015 by

The Iron Crown

The Chapel of Teodolinda in the Cathedral of Monza and holds the famous iron crown, part of which have been dated as far back as the 4 -5th century.

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