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Medieval castles near Poggibonsi. © Tesoro di Siena

7. April 2017 by

Medieval Poggibonsi and Surroundings

Heavily bombarded during WW2Poggibonsi’s charm resides in the suburbs and its hidden gems: an open-air museum, a medieval inn and a nearby castle

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Goslar from the Air. Source: Goslar Marketing

25. February 2017 by

The Imperial Palace in Goslar

In the 11th century, the rich silver mines in Rammelsberg gave rise to the construction of a splendid palace complex in Goslar.

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St. Salvator (Drottens Kyrke) in Lund in Scania, Sweden.

28. October 2016 by

The Medieval City of Lund

Medieval city of Lund in Scania is believed to have been founded in AD 990. It soon became a major Christian centre and retains its medieval core

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Nydamboat from Gottorp Castle c. AD 310 - 20. The construction of this boat is similar to that which was used at Sutton Hoo. © Gottorp Castle

26. September 2016 by

Hoch and his family in Oakington

On the edge of the Fenlands at Oikington an Anglo-Saxon man named Hoch built a farm sometime in the 5th century. here, his family was buried

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Crowland Abbey © Rex Slye

25. September 2016 by

St. Guthlac and Crowland Abbey

The Anglo-Saxon hermit, St. Guthlac, had a career reaching from aristocratic warrior over monastic visionary to patron saint of Crowland Abbey

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Gutlac punting in the Fens (Guthlac sailing to Crowland with Tatwin. from: British Library, Harley Roll Y 6, oundel 4

24. September 2016 by

Medieval Fenlands

For a long time a number of research projects have explored the culturally fluid landscape of the Medieval Fenlands in Eastern England. New book tells the story

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