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Rock-hewn church at Gurat. Source: Wikipedia

25. May 2018 by

Rock-Carved Churches in France

Remains of rock-hewn churches may be found in several European and Middle-Eastern landscapes, where natural caves and calciferous rocks invited hermits to shelter in solitude and prayer. In France, such churches were common in Aquitaine.   

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Magdeburg Cathedral. Source: wikipedia

13. May 2018 by

The Romanesque Route in Sachsen-Anhalt

Through the scenery of Sachsen-Anhalt runs a fascinating route along which it is possible to discover the riches of Romanesque architecture. Established in 1993, it is the perfect showcase for Germany in the 10th and 11th centuries

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Avaldsnes with St. Olau's Church. Source: Avaldsnes/Anita Langaaker

14. July 2017 by

Avaldsnes – Norway’s Oldest Royal Seat

The famous royal seat at Avaldsnes on the West-coast of Norway is best known as the residence of Harold Fairhair, but excavations tell us about a splendid royal hall from the 13th century

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The medieval centre at Falster © Medieval Histories

4. July 2017 by

The Medieval Centre In Denmark

After a local medieval festival in 1999 the plan was hatched to create an open-air museum dedicated to telling the story of medieval life c. 1400.

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Medieval castles near Poggibonsi. © Tesoro di Siena

7. April 2017 by

Medieval Poggibonsi and Surroundings

Heavily bombarded during WW2Poggibonsi’s charm resides in the suburbs and its hidden gems: an open-air museum, a medieval inn and a nearby castle

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Goslar from the Air. Source: Goslar Marketing

25. February 2017 by

The Imperial Palace in Goslar

In the 11th century, the rich silver mines in Rammelsberg gave rise to the construction of a splendid palace complex in Goslar.

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