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19. July 2017 by

How Devastating was the Black Death?

New studies of the levels of atmospheric lead as evidenced by icecores drilled from an Alpine Glacier lets scientists gauge the devastating effects of the Black Death on Economy and Society. It appears all ground to a halt.

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Relief of Mithras from the Vatican. Source: Wikipedia

5. December 2016 by

The Merovingians

The Merovingians literally means “The People of Merowech”. But who was Merowech? And what does his name tell us about the first Frankish kings?

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Theotokos from the 6th century. St. Catherine in Sinai. Source: Wikipedia

5. November 2016 by

Cultural Consequences of the Justinian Plague

What were the consequences of the Justinian Plague in the 6th century? How did people react to the pain and suffering, which by all accounts were just as devastating as those in the 14th century?

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Ambling Icelandic Horseriding

14. September 2016 by

The Origin of Ambling Horses

Icelandic Viking horses are known for they ambling gait. Following the gene, scientists now suggest that the first Icelandic horses were in fact English

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West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

13. September 2016 by

A Lost Tribal Hidage?

Bede used charters and other written documents while writing his histories. Careful sifting of the evidence reveals that he also used a now lost "Tribal Hidage".

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Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice 1435-08-14_Djuradj_Brankovic, in: monasterium.net

11. August 2016 by

Chartered Landscapes and Networks

Medieval charters are valuable resources for writing local histories of landscapes and lives. But they are also useful when studying networks through time

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Simon Bening August Moving Wheat Binding Sheaves - detail. Source: Google Art Project

7. June 2016 by

The Economics of the Black Death

How come the economy did not ground to a halt after 1349 - 50, but rather witnessed growth? New article aims to shed light on this conundrum

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Medieval famine grave from St. Mary's Spitalfield Source: MOLA

7. June 2016 by

Medieval Famine and Frailty in London

Medieval Famines occurred from time to time. The question is whether some individuals were more prone than others to outlive a period of harsh conditions.

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The Black Death from the toggenburg bible 1411

24. May 2016 by

The Black Death was a True Disaster

New path-breaking research not only shows that the Black Death was as calamitous as previously thought, but also opens up for micro-mapping of the events

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