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Anima Keltia at Castello di Montorio Photo di Celia 2014

29. March 2016 by

Vitae Dominae by Anima Keltia

Mélanie Bruniaux also known as Anima Keltia is a Celtic and Medieval music harpist. Her first record presents a pleasing repertoire.

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Enrike Solinis and Legacy from the Land of Basque

26. January 2016 by

Legacy from the Land of Basque

Basque music has a special tone and differs markedly from Castillian or Andalusian soundscapes. New record captures a kind of medieval and early modern music very seldom heard.

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Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Nacional B 526

30. September 2015 by

Medieval Galician-Portuguese Songs

More than 1200 Galician-Portuguese medieval lyrics are preserved in two renaissance manuscripts. New research explores the special genre: the tenson (the debate)

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Ushaw College vestment or "Westminster Vestment" - detail

23. March 2015 by

Vestment From the Time of Richard III

A priceless vestment believed to be from the royal wardrobe of Richard III will be worn by Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrating Requiem Mass for the king

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The Medieval Music Course in besalu 2014 - Souce: www.earlymusicbesalu.com

16. February 2015 by

Medieval Music Performance 2015

4th International Course on Medieval Music Performance (12-14th century) takes place in Besalú in July The International Course on Medieval Music Performance offers singers and instrumentalists the possibility to study monophonic and polyphonic repertoires composed from the 12th to the 14th centuries. The course is organized in the medieval surroundings of Besalú, a small town …

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Saint Martin sharing his cloak Carennes -Jarcey Musee de Cluny

11. November 2014 by

Cult of Saint Martin

REVIEW: Medieval Music, Legend, and the Cult of St Martin. The Local Foundations of a Universal Saint

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