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Avaldsnes with St. Olau's Church. Source: Avaldsnes/Anita Langaaker

14. July 2017 by

Avaldsnes – Norway’s Oldest Royal Seat

The famous royal seat at Avaldsnes on the West-coast of Norway is best known as the residence of Harold Fairhair, but excavations tell us about a splendid royal hall from the 13th century

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Lucas Chranach the Younger. The Vineberg, detail. 1569.

26. April 2017 by

The Garden of Martin Luther

“I have planted a garden and dug a well. Now, come and be crowned with a wreath of roses and lilies…”(Martin Luther 1525)

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Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, overlooking the Dordogne River in Périgord

25. April 2017 by

Medieval Gardens from 500 – 1500

Some may think that medieval gardens were all about cabbages, beans and medicinal herbs. But gardens also came to be intended for lush and frivolous play

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Richard III Prayer book Lambeth Palace Library © LAM 141125

2. March 2017 by

Book of Hours of Richard III

Rumour has it this Book of Hours accompanied Richard III to the Battle of Bosworth. Later defaced by the mother of Henry VII, it has now been digitised.

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Drought in Syria Worst in 900 years

12. August 2016 by

Syrian Drought Worst in 900 Years

The newly published Old World Drought Atlas was recently used to gauge the seriousness of the Syrian Draught, the like of which has not been seen for 900 years.

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The Order of the Star - From Grand Croniques du France Wikipedia web

9. June 2016 by

Geoffrey de Charny c. 1306 -1356

Geoffrey de Charny was the first documented owner of the Shroud of Turin and an accomplished knight, who wrote a famous handbook of Chivalry.

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Reading Beowulf at Kalamazoo 2015

10. May 2016 by

Trends at Kalamazoo

Medievalists in Kalamazoo seem out of sync with a public more interested in ‘Early Medieval history” and ‘Beowulf’ than Chaucer and literature

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Roskilde seen from the Firth wikipedia

9. May 2016 by

From Lejre to Roskilde

Around AD 1000 the royal seat in Lejre had lost its political power to the Jelling Dynasty, which founded a new royal centre at of Roskilde.

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Odin from Lejre © Ole Malling/ Roskilde Museum

9. May 2016 by

Odin from Lejre? Freya? Or Völva?

Is the silver figurine from Lejre representing Odin? Freya? Or perhaps a völva, a Viking sorceress? Many interpretations have been put forward

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