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Donald Duck Examines the the Jelling Stone © Disney/Egmont

13. March 2017 by

Donald Duck goes to Jelling

The Rune Stones at Jelling are in for a renewed scrutiny by Donald Duck and his bright nephews, when the search goes on for a unique Viking necklace.

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The Tarasque and its chevaliers 2016. © Tarascon

18. August 2016 by

Tarascon and the Tarasque

Twice a year the Tarasque – a medieval river-monster – is dragged through the streets of Tarascon in memory of the heroic deed of St. Martha of Bethany

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Sculpture at Tintagel © English Heritage/Emily Whitfield-Wicks

7. August 2016 by

Tintagel – New Visitor Experience

Since 2010 curators at English Heritage have worked hard to make Tintagel both more informative and welcoming. The question is: have they succeeded?

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When parts of the Matrera Castle - Castillo de Matrera - slided into the ground in 2013 it prompted a red alert from Hispania Nostra. Officially designated as important cultural heritage, locals set about restoring it. Now the result has caused horror among conservationists.

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