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The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO recently added seven more medieval sites to its World Heritage List. Of special interest are the nomination of Danevirke and Haithabu (Hedeby), The Cathedral of Naumburg, and the Caliphate city of Medina Azahara.

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Magdeburg Cathedral. Source: wikipedia

13. May 2018 by

The Romanesque Route in Sachsen-Anhalt

Through the scenery of Sachsen-Anhalt runs a fascinating route along which it is possible to discover the riches of Romanesque architecture. Established in 1993, it is the perfect showcase for Germany in the 10th and 11th centuries

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Medieval Open-Air-Museum at Poggibonsi © Archeodrome Poggibonsi

5. April 2017 by

Poggibonsi In the Middle Ages

Medieval Poggibonsi in Tuscany was a fortified hilltop village. Now an open-air museum, it is dedicated to authenticity and faithful recreation.

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Donald Duck Examines the the Jelling Stone © Disney/Egmont

13. March 2017 by

Donald Duck goes to Jelling

The Rune Stones at Jelling are in for a renewed scrutiny by Donald Duck and his bright nephews, when the search goes on for a unique Viking necklace.

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The Tarasque and its chevaliers 2016. © Tarascon

18. August 2016 by

Tarascon and the Tarasque

Twice a year the Tarasque – a medieval river-monster – is dragged through the streets of Tarascon in memory of the heroic deed of St. Martha of Bethany

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Sculpture at Tintagel © English Heritage/Emily Whitfield-Wicks

7. August 2016 by

Tintagel – New Visitor Experience

Since 2010 curators at English Heritage have worked hard to make Tintagel both more informative and welcoming. The question is: have they succeeded?

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