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Reconstruction ot the Conciergerie in Paris 2017

10. February 2017 by

Medieval Banquet in Paris 1378

In 1377 a fabulous medieval Christmas banquet was celebrated in the ancient royal castle at île des la Cité. A newly opened exhibition tells the story

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Vergel de señores, en el cual se muestran a hacer con mucha excelencia todas las conservas, electuarios, confituras, turrones y otras cosas de azúcar y miel . Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, MSS 8565

30. January 2017 by

Medieval Spanish Cookbooks

Medieval Spanish cookbooks witness to a diverse cultural heritage inspired by Arab as well as Catalan and Castilian traditions

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Boiling the Soup the medieval way

30. September 2016 by

Recipes for Medieval Eels

In the Early Middle Ages eels were abundant and served as comfort food for hungry peasants. Later it turned into a very expensive delicatessen.

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Alonso Sánchez Coello: King Philip II of Spain banqueting with his family and courtiers (The Royal feast). Warsaw National Museum. Source: Wikipedia

20. June 2016 by

Royal Food And Feasting

Fascinated with Tudor royal feasts and food? Free online course on "Royal Food and Feasting" is offered by the University of Reading.

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Kaiser Maximilians Jagd- und Fischreibuch detail 100f

15. June 2016 by

Summer and Crayfish

The zodiac sign for summer is Cancer. Mythology tells us, it was all about Hercules, but the rest of us know it is about a delicatessen - crayfish

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Nordic bog butter

11. March 2016 by

Medieval Bog Butter

RECIPE: Make your own medieval butter and preserve it in an Irish Bog. Brian Kaller tells us how wrap it up and dig it unter

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Feast from - Livre des conquêtes et faits d’Alexandre

9. December 2015 by

Medieval Mulled Wine

Mulled wine was known in Antiquity and continued to be a favourite during the Middle Ages. Here are some recipes In Antiquity mulled wine was known as “conditum paradoxum”. According to Apicius, a Roman gourmet from the 1st century AD, it was prepared by first mixing wine and honey in order to boil, skim and …

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Detail of calendar page for December with a bas-de-page scene of men sledging and warming themselves by a fire, from the Golf Book (Book of Hours, Use of Rome), workshop of Simon Bening, Netherlands (Bruges), c. 1540, Additional MS 24098, f. 30r. © British Library. Source: Pinterest

27. November 2015 by

Tandry Whigs

Tandry Whigs are soft buns served on St. Andrew's Day on the 30th of November. The modern version has medieval roots. Here is a recipe.

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Medieval Seed Cake ©historiccookery

24. October 2015 by

Seed Cakes for St. Crispin’s Eve

It is pretty obvious that the food eaten at the battlefield of St. Crispin’s eve in 1415 were not the delicious seed-cakes, which were traditional fare at the end of October when sowing was finished. But dreamed they must have done...

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