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Buckle from Testona Moncalieri near Torino. 6th to 7th centuries. © Torino, Museo di Antichità

27. February 2018 by

Burgundian and Longobardian “Fara”

"Fara" is an enigmatic term. Traditionally meant to designate an Germanic agnatic clan or lineage as well as a band of brothers, the meaning still eludes us.

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Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, overlooking the Dordogne River in Périgord

25. April 2017 by

Medieval Gardens from 500 – 1500

Some may think that medieval gardens were all about cabbages, beans and medicinal herbs. But gardens also came to be intended for lush and frivolous play

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Richard III Prayer book Lambeth Palace Library © LAM 141125

2. March 2017 by

Book of Hours of Richard III

Rumour has it this Book of Hours accompanied Richard III to the Battle of Bosworth. Later defaced by the mother of Henry VII, it has now been digitised.

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20. January 2017 by

Medieval and Renaissance Interiors

Late medieval manuscripts are filled with lovely interiors. New book delights in showing off the decorative details and explain the stories behind

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Huddling aorund the fire in an Iron Age house at Lejre

19. January 2017 by

Open Hearths, Ovens and Fireplaces

Medieval creativity: While Vikings huddled around long fires, the French sat with their backs to chimneys and the Germans invented tiled ovens.

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Ladies working in textiles. From tarquinium sanitatis. Wikipedia

3. October 2016 by

The Silk Industries of Medieval Paris

At some point at the end of the 13th century luxury silk industries emerged in Paris. Sharon Farmer tells the story in a new book out in November 2016

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Boiling the Soup the medieval way

30. September 2016 by

Recipes for Medieval Eels

In the Early Middle Ages eels were abundant and served as comfort food for hungry peasants. Later it turned into a very expensive delicatessen.

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European Eel © Environment Agency

30. September 2016 by

Eels in the Medieval Fenlands

The eel is a curious animal. Now listed on the international red list of threatened species, it used to be the ubiquitous food for small holders and poor peasants in the early middle ages

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Nydamboat from Gottorp Castle c. AD 310 - 20. The construction of this boat is similar to that which was used at Sutton Hoo. © Gottorp Castle

26. September 2016 by

Hoch and his family in Oakington

On the edge of the Fenlands at Oikington an Anglo-Saxon man named Hoch built a farm sometime in the 5th century. here, his family was buried

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