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Cherven Towns was a fortified settlement located on the frontier between Lesser Poland and Rus (Ruthenia). Fought over since at least the late 10thcentury, archaeological explorations of the region was hampered by the two world wars. Only recently a more scientific exploration has been undertaken.

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tintagel chapel

7. August 2016 by

Tristan and Yseult at Tintagel

Links to the legends of Tristan and Yseult and not Arthur may have been the reason Richard I chose to built a castle there in 1225

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Mingary castle from afar

18. July 2016 by

Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle in the peninsula of the Ardnamurchan has been called the most intact thirteenth century castle in Scotland. After full restoration, the castle now offers a luxurious stay for select groups of up to ten people.

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Château d'Herm from the air

9. March 2016 by

Château de l’Herm

Castle for Sale: In need of a handy-man, the Château de l’Herm located in Dordogne hasn’t been inhabited since 1605. A veritable, but charming ruin

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Chateau de Vincennes-donjon-wikipedia

29. April 2015 by

Château de Vincennes

Situated in an odd corner of suburban Paris, this castle is seldom on the itinerary of the cultural tourist. After an extensive renovation ending in 2010, in It deserves a visit.

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Aggersborg - reconstruction shown on site

3. October 2014 by


New book tells the full story of the Viking-Age Settlement and Fortress at Aggersborg in Northern Jutland from the reign of Harold Bluetooth Between 1945 – 52 the National Museum of Denmark carried extensive excavations out at Aggersborg, the largest of the Viking Ring fortresses. Later other explorations were carried out. Unfortunately the reports were …

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Capestang - medieval peasant attacking a wild boar ca. 1450

25. September 2014 by

Painted Ceilings in Capestang

Capestang is a sleepy village not far from Narbonne in Southern France. In the Middle Ages it belonged to the Archbishops in Narbonne.

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Pontefract castle in the 17th century

13. August 2014 by

Pontefract Castle

Pontefract Castle secures Heritage Lottery Fund investment of over £3million

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