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Church of the Holy Trinity Coventry: day of last judgement

20. June 2016 by

Studying Late Medieval History

Puzzled by the Later Middle Ages? New book offers help to under-graduates studying late medieval history, its institutions and way of life

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The Shrewsbury Book from Rouen, 1444–45 British Library, Royal 15 E. vi, ff. 2v

11. September 2014 by

Royal Manuscripts

Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination was the title of an exhibition hosted at the British Library in 2011. Now selected papers have been published

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Nécropole médiévale à Ichtratzheim - spoon with runic inscription

17. March 2014 by

Spoon with Runes

RESEARCH: A silver-spoon from the early Merovingian period with both Latin and Runic inscriptions ...

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Vita Wandregesili - BNF Ms. Lat 18315, 24v

17. March 2014 by

Merovingian Afterlife

RESEARCH: 'Autopsies and Philosophies of a Merovingian Life' explores changing ideas...

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Old Norse Sheep

12. March 2014 by

The Introduction of Sails to Viking Scandinavia

The textiles necessary to outfit a Viking boat carrying a 100 man required nearly 30 times more “girl-power” than “man-power”. Further it created a whole new Scandinavian landscape characterized by heath grazed by sheep. The Introduction of Sails to Scandinavia: Raw materials, labour and land. By Lise Bender Jørgensen, Norwegian University of Science & Technology …

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Hunnic Gold Hoard from Nagyszeksos 2

21. February 2014 by

Hunnic Gold

RESEARCH: Gold used in the treasure from Nagyszéksós witness the widespread perambulations of the Huns...

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Barns at Cressing Temple

19. February 2014 by

The Templars’ Land

RESEARCH: The Knights Templars were efficient land-owners. But after 1308 new managers maltreated the land...

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Vidal Mayor

16. February 2014 by


RESEARCH: Guidatica - or safe-conducts - were important instruments in letting commerce in Medieval Spain run smoothly...

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Women with swords

16. February 2014 by


RESEARCH: In the century after 1450, thirteen women incurred the ire of London’s governors by cross-dressing as men

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The Tour of Saint Nicholas, abbey of Bec

14. February 2014 by

Heathen Danes

NEW RESEARCH: Perceptions of Danishness in Normandy can be found in the literature of the Abbey of Bec as late as 1030 -1080...

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Scandinavian placenames © Caen, Beaurepaire

12. February 2014 by

Rollo and Danish

RESEARCH: Studies of modern dialects in Normandy show a marked affinity to current Danish...

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The Coast of Normandy

12. February 2014 by

Early Normandy

RESEARCH: Splendid overview of the history of Early Normandy and its cultural formation in Anglo-Norman Studies...

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Dudo from Antwerpen, museum Plantin-Moretus 17.2

11. February 2014 by

Dudo of St. Quentin

RESEARCH: Dudo's chronicle from the 11th century was essentially a didactic text, meant to teach courtly values...

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