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Avaldsnes with St. Olau's Church. Source: Avaldsnes/Anita Langaaker

14. July 2017 by

Avaldsnes – Norway’s Oldest Royal Seat

The famous royal seat at Avaldsnes on the West-coast of Norway is best known as the residence of Harold Fairhair, but excavations tell us about a splendid royal hall from the 13th century

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Three recreated hand-bells © National Museum of Scotland

12. April 2017 by

Early Medieval Irish Hand-Bells

Hand-bells belong to a group of liturgical objects connected with the early Irish Church. Was Ireland the primary production centre? Or did Irish hand-bells just play aparticular role as significant relics?

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Medieval Open-Air-Museum at Poggibonsi © Archeodrome Poggibonsi

5. April 2017 by

Poggibonsi In the Middle Ages

Medieval Poggibonsi in Tuscany was a fortified hilltop village. Now an open-air museum, it is dedicated to authenticity and faithful recreation.

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Life in the medieval castle of Miranduolo in Toscana in the 13th century. © Inkling Firenze

1. April 2017 by

Castle of Miranduolo

In the last 20 years archaeologists have excavated the castle of Miranduolo near Siena documenting a continuous habitation from the 8th to the 14th century.

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The Gislinge Boat. © Roskilde Viking Museum 2016

9. February 2017 by

Viking Age War Fleets

Studies of Vikings and their pirating and warfare seldom pause to reflect upon the enormous investment, the ships represented. New book sets this right.

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