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The Gislinge Boat. © Roskilde Viking Museum 2016

9. February 2017 by

Viking Age War Fleets

Studies of Vikings and their pirating and warfare seldom pause to reflect upon the enormous investment, the ships represented. New book sets this right.

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Odin from Mesinge © Oestfyns Museer

7. October 2016 by

Odin with Horns, Birds or Dragons?

Yet again an intriguing Viking figurine has been found on the island of Fyn in Denmark. This time it is a rare Odin with a 'horned' helmet

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Gutlac punting in the Fens (Guthlac sailing to Crowland with Tatwin. from: British Library, Harley Roll Y 6, oundel 4

24. September 2016 by

Medieval Fenlands

For a long time a number of research projects have explored the culturally fluid landscape of the Medieval Fenlands in Eastern England. New book tells the story

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The Landscape around Dirmstein

19. September 2016 by

Merovingian Graves in Dirmstein

Tracing residential mobility trough isotopic analysis demonstrates once more that grave-goods and funeral practice cannot be used as ethnic markers

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Exhibition from Landesmuseum Westfalen the man from Beckum © Landesmuseum Westfalen in Herne

23. July 2016 by

The Prince from Beckum AD 600

The Prince from Beckum in North Rhein-Westphalia from the beginning of the 7th century tells a story of a man who lived in a mixed cultural setting

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Medieval famine grave from St. Mary's Spitalfield Source: MOLA

7. June 2016 by

Medieval Famine and Frailty in London

Medieval Famines occurred from time to time. The question is whether some individuals were more prone than others to outlive a period of harsh conditions.

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