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Suevic Cauldron from Mušov © Regional Museum of Mikolov, Czechia

15. April 2018 by

The Time of the Sueves in Iberia AD 409–585

The exhibition, In Tempore Sueborum, invites us to explore the life and times of the Suevi and how they lived together with the Gallo-Romans in Late Antiquity in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, where the Suevi settled after AD 409.

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Cranachs Altar in Wittenberg surrounded by tourists. Source: Luther 2017/Norbert Neetz

18. April 2017 by

Martin Luther 1517 – 2017

Martin Luther ignited the Reformation in 1517. 2017 Lutherans celebrate the 500-year anniversary with numerous exhibitions, books and other festive commemorations.

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Medieval Open-Air-Museum at Poggibonsi © Archeodrome Poggibonsi

5. April 2017 by

Poggibonsi In the Middle Ages

Medieval Poggibonsi in Tuscany was a fortified hilltop village. Now an open-air museum, it is dedicated to authenticity and faithful recreation.

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Reconstruction ot the Conciergerie in Paris 2017

10. February 2017 by

Medieval Banquet in Paris 1378

In 1377 a fabulous medieval Christmas banquet was celebrated in the ancient royal castle at île des la Cité. A newly opened exhibition tells the story

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Harvesting Rye in Norway © Høstbergere (blog)

15. January 2017 by

Medieval Daily Bread Made of Rye

When cold and wetter climate hit Europe in the 5th century, rye became part of a new and more varied bread culture. Baking Rye bread has medieval roots

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St. Augustine, Laon c. 750. Paris, BnF ms. Latin 12168

11. January 2017 by

The Merovingian Times

Major exhibition on the Merovingian Times in Paris at the Musée de Cluny is a must-see for any medievalists this winter

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Guidarello Guidarelli. Press Photo: Scuderie del Quirinale 2016

28. December 2016 by

Guidarello Guidarelli c. 1450 – 1501

Guidarello Guidarelli (* Ravenna, c. 1450, † Imola, 06.03.1501) was an Italian military leader in the service of Cesare Borgia. He is famous for his effigy

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Reconstructed medieval outfits from the time of Charles IV

2. September 2016 by

Karlštejn Castle and its Treasure

The Karlštejn Treasure is a collection of around 400 objects dating back to the 14th century, when Charles IV commissioned the building of the Castle.

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Banner with exhibition Charles IV 1316 - 2016

31. August 2016 by

Charles IV – 1316 – 2016

This year Prag and Nuremberg celebrates the birth of Charles IV (1316 – 1378) with two major exhibitions and a number of other events.

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