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Medieval Fishing Weir from Ireland. Source: Google Map

19. April 2017 by

Cod, Herring and Medieval Sea Fishing

Around the year 1000, Marine Fishing came to play a significant role supplying nutritious protein. New book gathers the results of decades of research.

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Lausavisa by ottar svarta

21. March 2017 by

Cnut the Great – A New Biography

Cnut the Great is one of the overlooked English kings. Maligned as aprimitive Viking conqueror, the story has most often been told as a civilising project carried out by Emma. Not so in this new biography.

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Valkyrie and Viking Warrior from Tissø @ National Museum of Denmark

21. March 2017 by

Dead Viking Warriors in Living Memory.

The archaeologist, Anne Pedersen, has painstakingly sifted through the reports of excavations of Viking warrior tombs in Denmark. New book tells the story

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The annunciation. From the Albani Psalter. Source: Wikipedia

1. November 2016 by

Mother of Mercy – Bane of the Jews

In Anglo-Norman England, the Benedictines found innovative ways to venerate Mary as the Mother of Mercy exhibiting her as the favourite enemy of the Jews.

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Islamic World Map from leiden

1. November 2016 by

Medieval Islamic Maps

Why is South always on top of medieval Islamic Maps? And why are the islands in the Mediterranean placed like pearls on a string ? New book tells the story.

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William the Conqueror in the Bayeux Tapestry. Source Wikipedia

24. October 2016 by

William the Conqueror

A lifetime of scholarship plus fifteen years of hard work has been invested in David Bates’ new biography of William the Conqueror. We should be grateful!

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Medieval knight, monk and peasant from Sloane 2435, fol 85. © British Library

5. October 2016 by

Rise and Fall of the Angevin Empire

Love a good medieval read? Pick up the ‘Tales from The Long Twelfth Century’ by Richard Huscroft and read all about the 'Rise and Fall of the Angevin Empire'.

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