Cebreiro in galicia

Landscapes in Early Medieval Galicia

Galicia in the Early Middle Ages experienced a remarkable series of economic and cultural transformations. In spite of being overrun by barbarians in the beginning of the fifth century, the region quickly bounced back. This evidence is carefully being pieced together by the archaeologist, José Carlos Sánchez Pardo…

Santa Mariña de Augas Santas

Santa Mariña de Augas Santas

Santa Mariña de Augas Santas is a small parish near Ourense in Galicia in North-Western Spain. It has a history reaching back before Christianity

San Gines de francelos - Wikipedia - Jose Antonio Gil Martínez cc

San Ginés de Francelos

San Ginés de Francelos is a charming Visigothic church from the 9th century located near Ribadavia in Galicia

Castle of Ribadavia source:Wikipedia cropped


The town of Ribadavia – Burgo de Rippa Avia – is located in the southwest of the province of Ourense in Galicia. The town is famous for its medieval wine: Ribeiro

The Guelph Treasure

Gulph Cross Southern Italy, 12th century: Deutche Digitale Bibliotek, CC

Jewish Heirs to Guelph Treasure Sue Germany in USA

The heirs of Nazi-era Jewish art dealers have filed a lawsuit in the USA suing Germany for the return of a medieval treasure trove worth an estimated $226 – 250m…

St. Blasius reliquary from the Guelph Treasure, 14th century © SMB cc

Highlights from the Guelph Treasure

Enjoy some of the reliquaries, altars and manuscript covers…


Eilbert's Travel Altar from the Guelph Treasure, ca. 1150 © SMB, cc

Guelph Treasure was bought legally

The Welfenschatz – in English the so-called Guelph or Welf Treasure – should not be returned, says commission…

Theodolinda in chapel at Ponza

The Chapel of Teodolinda in Monza

The Chapel of Teodolinda in Monza with the famous cycle of frescoes by the Zavattari Workshop has been painstakingly restored and has now been reopened…

Iron Crown from Monza in Italy

The Iron Crown

The Chapel of Teodolinda is located in the Cathedral of Monza in the northern arm of the transept. The chapel holds the famous iron crown, which is kept in a special altar, built by Luca Beltrami in 1895 – 96…

Medieval News…

Louvre at lens - © Harry_NL -CCL

Louvre to move its storage out of Paris

23. February 2015

Louvre plans to move its storage to location 200 km North of Paris

Lenborough Coin Hoard © Trustees of the British Museum

Around 5200 Anglo-Saxon Coins found at Lenborough

18. February 2015

A hoard of Anglo-Saxon silver pennies of kings Æthelred II (r.978-1016) and Cnut (r.1016-35) have been found wrapped within a lead parcel at Lenborough.

Lisbon memorial of discoveries 1960

Why do Young Europeans Wage Jihad?

9. February 2015

Why have more than 5000 youngsters gone from Europe to Syria to join Isil? Perhaps Medieval History might offer an answer

Emma & Cnut from Liber Vitae of the new Minster BL Stowe 944

DNA and the old bones of Cnut the Great

6. February 2015

The remains of Cnut the Great may be identified via DNA, if scientists succeed in making sense of a treasure trove of jumbled bones held in the mortuary caskets in Winchester Cathedral

Medieval Events & Exhibitions

Riemenschneider Sammlung Marks-Thomée © Bildarchiv Foto Marburg / Thomas Scheidt
Marks-Thomée Collection of Renaissance and Medieval Art on Show 27. February 2015

For the first time in a hundred years the private Thomée Collection, containing priceless medieval and renaissance art, is on show in Aachen

Agincourt 1415 – 2015 8. January 2015

The battle at Agincourt in Nord-Pas-de Calais is famous for the heroic fight between the outnumbered English archers and the French iron-clad chivalry. This year England and France commemorates the battle.

Frances I at Louvre
Francis I of France 1515 – 2015 6. January 2015

2015 France celebrates the 500-year anniversary of the coronation of Francis I in Reims

New Books…

Recopolis in Visgothic Spain

The Afterlife of the Roman city

19. February 2015

In ‘The Afterlife of the Roman City’ the story is told of how the ‘Adventus’ was transformed in the Early Medieval City to become one of the most important ritualized ceremonies

Exeter bishop's throne detail

Medieval Episcopal Thrones

16. February 2015

Six Medieval Episcopal Thrones in Britain has survived. New book describes and analyses five of these

Garden at Vadstena. Source:

The Syon Abbey Herbal

16. February 2015

The Syon Abbey Herbal was the last medieval herbal written in an English Abbey before printed herbals took over

Medieval Crusaders

Crusades, Christianity and Islam

9. February 2015

Jonathan Riley-Schmit is one of the most prominent crusade-scholars in present-day academia. In 2008 he wrote a very significant book on the uses and abuses of the history of crusading. This slight book should be obligatory reading for anyone trying to grasp the current war in the Middle East and the Islamist terrorism currently waged globally.

From a 1385 Italian manuscript of the Consolation: Miniatures of Boethius teaching

The Middle Ages

31. January 2015

The German historian Johannes Fried is famous for his ability to make the life and times of bygone people live in the minds of readers. New book from Harvard University Press is sure to be a bestseller

Frescoes from the Upper Church in Assisi - Wikipedia

The Making of Assisi

29. January 2015

‘The making of Assisi’ explores the history behind and meaning of the famous cycle of frescoes from the upper Church in the Basilica in Assisi


The King of Dublin and the Earl of Warwick

22. January 2015

New book launches a search for the remains of the Earl of Warwick, presumed son of the Duke of Clarence, brother of Richard III

Crippled Child in the Luttrel Psalter fol 186v © British Library

Disability in the Middle Ages

20. January 2015

The history of disability in the Middle Ages and later is the subject of a new resource developed by English Heritage In medieval England, the ‘lepre’, the ‘blynde’, the ‘dumbe’, the ‘deaff’, the ‘natural fool’, the ‘creple’, the ‘lame’ and the ‘lunatick’ were a highly visible presence in everyday life. People could be born with …

Conferences and CfP’s…

Cultural Campus in Hildesheim © Isa Lange

Art in the Middle Ages in Hildesheim

23. February 2015

The Forum, “Kunst des Mitttelalters” organises its third conference in Hildesheim in September 2015

medieval anatomy

Body and Soul – AD 400-1700

22. February 2015

This years EMREM Postgraduate Forum Symposium at the University of Birmingham will focus on Body and Soul in the Middle Ages

aliens-foreigners-strangers-medieval england

Aliens, Foreigners and Strangers in Medieval England

16. February 2015

Aliens, foreigners and strangers are not just a modern phenomena. Meeting “the others” was also a frequent medieval occurrence

The Medieval Music Course in besalu 2014 - Souce:

Medieval Music Performance 2015

16. February 2015

4th International Course on Medieval Music Performance (12-14th century) takes place in Besalú in July The International Course on Medieval Music Performance offers singers and instrumentalists the possibility to study monophonic and polyphonic repertoires composed from the 12th to the 14th centuries. The course is organized in the medieval surroundings of Besalú, a small town …