Bust of Charlemgane © Aachen Dom - Andrea Herrmann

Charlemagne in Aachen 2014

Charlemagne died 1200 years ago. Celebrations have been underway for some time, but the major exhibitions in Aachen this summer are definitely a-must-see. Located at three avenues, the exhibitions focus on three different aspects of the world of Charlemagne – the Powerful Places of Charlemagne, the Art of Charlemagne and the Treasures of Charlemagne. These three aspects have obviously been chosen in order to reflect the interests of the scientific community of “Carolingian Scholars” right now. But they have also been chosen in order to reflect present-day anxieties amongst the European Elite. Perhaps inspiration may be found in Aachen this summer!

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Soldier in the army of Charlemagne

The Saddle and the Boat

Charlemagne and his entourage were constantly moving about. And needed boats and horses.

The Tassilo Chalice

The Tassilo Chalice

The Tassilo Chalice from the 8th century is one of the absolute highlights of the exhibition in Aachen 2014…

Early Medieval Ireland

Battle of clontarf in present day Dublin

Ignorant, barbarous, thoughtless, irreclaimable, unsociable foreigners…

On Good Friday 1014 the battle of Clontarf on the East Coast of Ireland took place between the Irish King, Brian Boru of Munster and Máel Mórda mac Murchada, king of Leinster, whose party was swollen by Norsemen led by Sigtrygg Silkbeard from Dublin.

2014 has occasioned  a series of celebrations. One of these is an exhibition in Dublin at The National Museum of Ireland…

New Books about Ireland in the Early Middle Ages

Ireland in the Medieval World - cover

Ireland in the Medieval World, AD 400–1000

Ireland is a beautiful island with a history woven into the landscape at every corner. New book tells us the story about this medieval world…

Early medieval Ireland 400 - 1100 archaeoloy cover

Early Medieval Ireland AD 400 – 1100. The Evidence from Archaeological Excavations

How did the Irish create and live in their own worlds in Early Medieval Ireland. This is the overriding question of a book, which brings an overview of the results of a century of archaeological excavations…

Waddell Archaeology and Celtic Myth cover

Archaeology and the Celtic Myth – An exploration

Pre-Christian Celtic Myth preserved in Medieval Irish Literature does shed light on older traditions, says new book …