Painted ceiling from Capestang

Medieval Painted Ceilings in Southern France

Painted ceilings became all the fashion in the later Middle Ages in Le Midi, reaching from Catalonia to Northern Italy. But the ceilings in Southern France are the best studied…READ MORE

Medieval painted ceiling in Capestang

Painted Ceilings in Capestang

Capestang is a sleepy village not far from Narbonne in Southern France. In the Middle Ages it belonged to the Archbishops in Narbonne…READ MORE

Painted ceiling in Lagrasse

Painted Ceilings in Lagrasse

The small French village, Lagrasse, can boast of a remarkable treasure of medieval painted ceilings… READ MORE

Medieval Painted ceiling Maison de Chevaliers de Pont-saint-Esprit

Painted Ceiling in La Maison des Chevaliers

La Maison des Chevaliers de Pont-Saint-Esprit near Pond Du Gard boasts a beautiful late medieval house and some lovely painted ceilings…READ MORE


The great Viking Hall in Borg on Lofoten

The Age of the Vikings

There is a sympathetic subtext running between the covers of a new book about the Vikings written by Anders Winroth: please stop spreading so much nonsense in TV-series and read the real story – which is just as fascinating if not more!… READ MORE

Viking Ring Fortresses

Trelleborg in a waterlogged meadow winter 2013

Royal Viking Fortresses

The Ring Fortresses of Harold Bluetooth represent a remarkable engineering feat of 10th century Scandinavia. New book presents the latest research…READ MORE


New Viking Ring Fortress Discovered

Denmark is famous for its four Viking Ring Fortresses. This spring a fifth was suddenly discovered in the eastern part of Sjælland…READ MORE

The Ring Fortress at Burgh in the province of Zeeland in Holland

Viking Age Base-Camps along the Dutch Coast

The Ring Fortresses along the Dutch Coast in Holland have recently been reinterpreted as likely Viking base-camps from the 9th century…READ MORE

Aggersborg - reconstruction shown on site

New book tells the full story of the Viking-Age Settlement and Fortress at Aggersborg in Northern Jutland from the reign of Harold Bluetooth…READ MORE

aggersborg dovregubben large

Geophysical surveys shed new light on the enigmatic ring fortresses from the reign of Harold Bluetooth…READ MORE

Other News…

Llys Rhosyr from the air

The Medieval Court of a Welsh Prince

The Medieval Court of Llys Rhosyr to be rebuilt at St. Fagans Reconstruction of the medieval court of the princes of Gwynedd, excavated a decade ago, has begun at St. Fagans, the National Museum in Wales…READ MORE


The Master Builders' Ledgers from Augsburg

City Accounts from Augsburg

Historians from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz edit medieval ledgers from Augsburg… READ MORE


The Shrewsbury Book from Rouen, 1444–45 British Library, Royal 15 E. vi, ff. 2v

Royal Manuscripts

Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination was the title of an exhibition hosted at the British Library in 2011. Now selected papers from the accompanying conference have been edited and uploaded… READ MORE