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Head Cristo_de_don_Fernando_y_doña_Sancha_(anverso) Medieval Histories

Treasures in Léon

Léon became the dynastic centre of the kingdom of Léon-Castile in the 11th century. Its royal treasure may still be admired…

Panteón SanIsidoro León Medieval Histories

Doña Urraca

Doña Urraca (1032 – 1101): a promiscuous murderess or a a dedicated promoter of her lineage and dynasty?

Caliz de dona Urraca-cropped2 Medieval Histories

Chalice of Doña Urraca

The Chalice from ca. 1060 is made out of two antique cups of onyx held together by golden bands…

cathar-crusade Medieval Histories

The Cathars

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade’ presents fascinating texts…

le mur en carcassonne Medieval Histories

Carcassonne Prison

Exciting discovery in Carcassonne: the infamous prison of the inquisition has been found…

st blasius welf treasure-cropped Medieval Histories

Guelph Treasure

The Welfenschatz – in English the so-called Guelph or Welf Treasure – should not be returned, says a commission…

guelph cross Medieval Histories

Guelph Treasure II

A collection of the wonderful pieces of religious art from the Middle Ages, which belong to the Guelph Treasure…

Margery-Kempe-Birth Medieval Histories

Margery Kempe

Here begins a short treatise and a comfortable for sinful wretches, wherein they may have great solace and comfort …

spinach BNF Latin 9333 folio 24 Medieval Histories

Medieval Spinach

RESEARCH: Cathar Montaillou was excavated from 1998 – 2004. Charred remains of spinach were found in the hearth…

Nécropole médiévale à Ichtratzheim Medieval Histories

Spoon with Runes

RESEARCH: A silver-spoon from the early Merovingian period with both Latin and Runic inscriptions …

radegondes desk Medieval Histories

Merovingian Kingdom

NEW BOOK: The political arguments put forward in the Merovingian hagiographical writings are explored…

vita Wandregesili Medieval Histories

Merovingian Afterlife

RESEARCH: ‘Autopsies and Philosophies of a Merovingian Life’ explores changing ideas…

Bro Runic Stone in Uppland in Sweden Medieval Histories

Viking – an Ethnonym?

What is a Viking? A ferocious pirate from the pagan North? Or a low-ranking oarsman on a ship, transporting troops?

The Sea Stallion in High Water © Isarap Medieval Histories

Viking Sails

Roskilde 6 is the pitiful wreck, which clothed in stainless steel still amazes. The question is what effort it took to set sail…

Gokstad Boat Launched © The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde Medieval Histories

Gokstad Boat

A copy of one of the small clinker-built boats from 900 AD found at Gokstad in Norway in 1880 was recently launched…

gold pearl rendlesham Medieval Histories

Sutton Hoo Palace

Rendlesham is a small village five km northeast of Sutton Hoo and home to a royal Anglo-Saxon palace…