All Souls and All Saints

Bernt Notke Dance Macabre Lübeck
urban III at Cluny - Bibliotheque Nationale Paris

Saints and Souls

Between 1024 and 1033 the monks at Cluny began commemorating the dead souls on the day after All Saints…



In the late Middle Ages theologians tried to keep All Saints and All Souls strictly apart. But traditions like souling helped to fuse the feasts…

Soul Cakes being served

Soul Cakes

There is no doubt that the tradition of giving alms in the form of bread or cookies on All Saints and All Souls has medieval roots…


Sweets for Souls

Baking cakes of all sorts seem to have been part of the celebrations of All saints and all Souls in Southern Europe…

The Evangeliary of Teodelinda, a gift from Gregory the Great in 603

Luther and the Popes 2017

For more than a decade protestants in Germany has been planning a series of festivities celebrating the 500 year anniversary commemorating the 31st of October 1517, when Martin Luther Posted his 95 theses on the door into the castle church in Wittenberg. Part of these festivities will be three major exhibitions in Berlin, Wittenberg and Eisenach.

Now a major exhibition – Popes 2017 – is being planned in Mannheim. The point is to make room for a Catholic presence at the reformation festivities 2017. This is welcomed by high-ranking protestants involved in the other exhibitions…


Martin Luther Exhibitions 2015

Last Supper by Lucas Cranach the Younger

Cranach the Younger 1515 – 1586

Cranach the Younger was not only his fathers son. He was in himself a remarkable painter of the reformation. Next year a series of exhibitions throws a spotlight on his work…


August of Sachsen by Lucas Cranach the Younger

Luther and the Princes

2015 a major exhibition on Luther and the Princes will be mounted. The idea behind the exhibition is to tell the story of the political side of the reformation…

Christoph von Württemburg by Abraham Hel

Christoph of Württemberg 1515 -1568

Christoph of Württemberg was a typical Renaissance Prince from the age of the Reformation. His life is at the centre of an exhibition in Stuttgart 2015. The exhibition is organized inside the Old Castle, which he flamboyant rebuilt …

Medieval News from this week

jeanne de bourbon - sale piasa 2014 small

Jeanne de Bourbon

Sensational find: head of queen Jeanne de Bourbon (1338 – 1378) up for sale. It was probably cut off from effigy in St. Denis, which was destroyed during French revolution…

Medieval Road in Krakau, a deserted village near Peissen

Medieval Truck-Stop Excavated

Looking for a medieval snack? And wonder where to park your horses? Archaeologists have found the remains of a long-haul truck-stop near Peissen in Sachsen –Anhalt on the road between Hannover and Dresden…