Conisborugh Castle Source Wikipedia

Castle in Conisbrough

Conisbrough lies near Doncaster in one of the poorest parts of England. But it holds two medieval jewels – a very early Anglo-Saxon church and a magnificent Norman Castle….

Einhard's basilica

Einhard’s Basilica in Michelstadt

In 815 Louis the Pious granted Michelstadt and Seligenstadt (Mulinheim) to his faithful courtier, Erhard. Later he built churches there and fitted them with relics, stolen from the Catacombs in Rome….

Bridge over the River Rhone with the castle at Saint-Maurice to the left

Saint-Maurice d’Agaune 1500 years ago – and today

Saint-Maurice d’Agaune is one of the oldest monasteries in Western Europe and can trace its history back to the 5th century….

Medieval News…

Stac Lee and Boreray from Hirta St. Kilda by Nigel lynch

Medieval Archaeology on the Move

26. August 2015

Next week 200 European Archaeologists are swarming into Glasgow for their yearly meeting. Medieval archaeologists have a significant presence, and organize a substantial part of the sessions. Mobility is on the agenda

Fecamp remains of Norman Castle Source - Fécamp Tourisme

Early Medieval Europe

25. August 2015

The politics of being Norman, Byzantine and Visigothic Alicante, Bede as a computist, Anglo-Saxon and Viking battlefield in 1006. All in the new issue of Early Medieval Europe August 2015

Huns elongated skulls from Europeana

Migration in the First Millennium

25. August 2015

Migration is the theme of the latest issue of the journal: Networks and Neighbours. It opens with a seminal article by Peter Heather on the controversial question of the character of the large-scale migration in the 4th and 5th centuries.

Illuminator of the Chronicle of Bayâd and Riyâd

Medieval Worlds

24. August 2015

New Journal – Medieval Worlds – aims to be the hub for Medievalists, Social Anthropologists, Scholars of Islam and of Asian Culture, stimulating comparative research

Santa Maria de Mayor in Baena- minaret turned church tower

Plans to turn the Castle of Baena into a spa

21. August 2015

Baena is a picturesque small town in Andalucía near Cordoba. It lies at the slope of a hill crowned with a medieval castle. Plan is to turn this into a spa.

The Rhyne Man a Pictish stone carving from the 5th century

Mystery of the Rhynie Man

21. August 2015

Archaeologists aim to unravel the mystery of the Rhynie Man, a Pictish symbol stone from the 5th century

Santa Margherita de Cortona

Margaret of Cortona and her Legenda

18. August 2015

The Life of Margaret of Cortona is a precious biography from the end of the 13th century detailing the life of a lay penitent woman living on the fringes of the early Franciscan movement

The Madrid Skylitzes is a richly illustrated illuminated manuscript of the Synopsis of Histories

Italian Trade in Eleventh-Century Mediterranean

18. August 2015

Around AD 1000 the Mediterranean was criss-crossed by a huge number of diverse vessels running out of the Levant. Hundred years later Italian cities came to dominate

New Books…

The Man from Tollund in Denmark - Silkeborg Museum

Barbarian Europe

24. August 2015

Book by Karol Modzelewski about Barbarian Europe from the Early Middle Ages is finally available in a beautiful and very readable English translation.

the ghent altarpiece angels singing

History of Fifteenth-Century Music

20. August 2015

The Cambridge History of Fifteenth-Century Music is bound to be vigorously studied by scholars, musicologists, art historians and performers.

First Crusade

Crusading and Pilgrimage in the Norman World

20. August 2015

Norman relationship with crusading and pilgrimage, so central in many ways to Norman identity, has hitherto not received extensive treatment. New book tells the story

Medieval Graffiti ship from Norfolk

Medieval Graffiti in England

20. August 2015

Images of compasses, windmills, sundials, circles, ships and much more were doodled onto medieval church walls by in massive numbers. A new book tells the story of this medieval graffiti

Excavations at Saint-Vanne © Mairie de Verdun © Jean-Marie Perraux

Richard of Saint-Vanne

17. August 2015

Richard of Saint-Vanne (970–1046) was the abbot of the influential northeastern French Monastery of St. Vanne from 1004 to 1046. New book focus on how he imagined his role as religious leader.

Robin Hood from Doctor Who Tom Riley

Reading Robin Hood

21. July 2015

Robin Hood is a myth, which has been continuously reinvented since the High Middle Ages. A new book tells the story from the beginning and up until our time

tara brooch 8th century

Art of the Islands

20. July 2015

New book by Michelle Brown presents a series of masterpieces of Celtic, Pictish, Anglo-Saxon and Viking origin and explain their context

Jomsborg aka Wolin in Poland

Scandinavian Amulets in Viking Age Poland

20. July 2015

Very important new book carefully examines Scandinavian amulets like Thor’s Hammers found in Poland and sheds new light on the Old Norse religion.

Conferences and CfP’s…

Hildegard of Bingen in Liber Divinorum Operum LUcca Biblioteca Statale Cod 1942

Authorship in the Middle Ages and Later

17. August 2015

The Authorship, Theoretical Reflections and Practical Analysis is an international conference focusing on variations of authorship from the Middle Ages until today

The two leading Templars Jacques de Molay and Geoffroy de Charnay being burned at the stake in 1314

Transforming Male Devotional Practices

15. July 2015

How did men demonstrate their commitment to God and churches in the Middle Ages? And How did this change in the Early Modern period? Conference aims to shed light on these transformations ‘Transforming Male Devotional Practices’ from the Medieval to the Early Modern Keynote speaker: Professor Anthony Bale (Birkbeck, University of London) Confirmed speakers include: Katherine … Read more

mamuz open air museum

Archaeological Reconstructions and Tourism

13. July 2015

Together with MAMUZ in Austria, EXARC is organizing an international conference on ‘Archaeological Reconstructions and Tourism’ near Vienna in September 2015

Almedalen in Visby at Gotland © stig Hammarstedt

Gotland – Cultural Center in the Hanseatic League

11. July 2015

Gotland – Cultural Center in the Hanseatic League – is an interdisciplinary and international conference aiming to shed new light on the cultural history of Medieval Gotland

Medieval Exhibitions

Les Grandes heures d’Anne de Bretagne BnF

Francis I and his Library at Château de Blois

18. August 2015

This year France commemorates the 500-year anniversary of one of its more significant kings, Francis I. Together with Bibliothèque national de France the Château de Blois has mounted an exhibition of his library in its original surroundings The Château de Blois is one of the finest castles in the Loire Valley and a must-see for any cultural traveler visiting … Read more

Francois I - Diodorus of Sicily-cropped

Francis I – Warrior King and Patron of Art

18. August 2015

This year France celebrates the cultural and artistic heritage from the reign of Francis I. After an exhibition in Paris has ended, Chantilly offers insights into the life of the king and his reign.

Liturgical vestments at Catharijneconvent

Gold Thread and Silk in Catharijnenconvent in Utrecht

19. July 2015

A sumptuous exhibition of medieval embroidered art made of gold and silk in the Museum Catharijneconvent shows some of the best preserved medieval liturgical garments preserved in Europe.

Statue of Jan Hus in Central Prague

Jan Hus was Executed 600 years ago

3. July 2015

Events marking the anniversary of the martyr death of Czech church reformer, Jan Hus, will culminate on Monday, July 6, when 600 years have passed since his burning at the stake.

Pittore friulano del 1440 Due scene della vita del beato Odorico da Pordenone 1440

Franciscan Art in Florence

24. June 2015

Franciscan art flourished in the Late Middle Ages as the religious movement spread all over Europe as well as Asia. This summer the Accademia in Florence shows a spectacular selection

Nuns swabian art musee du cluny

Late Medieval Swabian Sculpture in Paris at Musée de Cluny

3. June 2015

Sweet, delicate, gentle and just some of the epithets clinging to the current exhibition of late medieval Swabian sculpture at Musée de Cluny in Paris this summer

The descent of the Cross © Louvre

Gold and Ivory from Paris, Pisa, Firenze and Siena 1250-1320

29. May 2015

The summer exhibition at Louvre-Lens – Gold and Ivory – highlights the wealth of artistic exchanges between Paris and what is now Tuscany 1250 -1320

Clairvaux lay refectory interior

Clairvaux 1115 – 2015

19. May 2015

Aube en Champagne celebrates the 900th anniversary of the Cistercian foundation, the Abbey of Clairvaux in 2015