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utrecht psalter -Leiden -20

Utrecht Psalter

17. December 2014

The Utrecht Psalter, which is currently owned by the Utrecht University Library, has been nominated for UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register

Cristal de croix - © Philippe Berthé / Centre des Monuments nationaux

Mary Stewart’s Crystal Cross Found after 100 Years

13. December 2014

Crystal Cross from the 16th century returned after a hundred years. It is believed to have belonged to either Mary Stewart or her mother Marie de Guise

Richard III - earliest portrait

Richard III had fair hair and blue eyes

3. December 2014

Model of Richard III has to be redone in view of genetic evidence. It appears Richard III Richard III had fair hair and blue eyes

Hagia Sophia Southwestern Entrance Mosaics Source: Wikipedia

Hagia Sophia

1. December 2014

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord ), wrote Pope Francis in the guestbook of Hagia Sophia in November 2014

Svem Rosborn and girl with golden disk 2014

Harold Bluetooth’s Talisman – A Sensational Find? Or Fake?

28. November 2014

Recently a strange golden object with an inscription about the Danish Viking , Harold Bluetooth, resurfaced from an old box from Poland

General view over valley in mountains of south Norway from beside Lendbreen glacier

Recreating Norwegian Tunic from the Iron Age

26. November 2014

A Norwegian tunic, dated to AD 230 -390, is going to be recreated In Norway the ice is melting in the glaciers, shedding numerous treasures from the prehistoric as well as medieval past. A few years ago the Lendbreen glacier in Breheimen National Park thus coughed up shoes, hunting gear, tent pegs, textile rags and horse dung …

New Grotesque at St George's Chapel at Windsor

Grotesques at St. George

25. November 2014

St. George’s Chapel at Windsor has literally reinvented the medieval genre of grotesques

Museum Schnuetgen,Anbetung der Hl. 3 Koenige,Hochaltar,Köln,Inv.Nr. K210

The Three Magi in Cologne 1164 – 2014

13. November 2014

This year Cologne celebrates the 850th anniversary of the arrival of the three Magi with several exhibitions The city of Cologne in Germany has been celebrating its magnificent trademark – the Three Magis – all year. The occasion is the 850th anniversary of the arrival of the relics in the city. The remains of the Magi were brought to the Cathedral …

New Books…

Drummond Castle was begun in 1490

The Scottish People 1490-1625

17. December 2014

The Scottish People, 1490-1625 is one of the most comprehensive texts ever written on Scottish History at the time of the reformation

Rome in the Peutinger Map

Medieval Rome: Stability and Crisis of a City, 900-1150

16. December 2014

Rome in the middle ages was much more than just the city of Popes. In a new book Chris Wickham tells the story of the city 900 – 1150

Sermo Lupi British Library

The Political Writings of Archbishop Wulfstan of York

16. December 2014

Wulfstan of York is famous for his sermons, legal tracts and other writings chastising the English for moral decrepitude. Now his writings have been translated into modern English

Libros de juegos wikipedia

Friendship in Medieval Iberia

16. December 2014

New study explores friendship as witnessed in the Cantigas de Santa Maria, Siete Partidas and other similar texts from 13th century Iberia

Scuola Medica Salerno

Healthcare in Early Medieval Northern Italy

16. December 2014

The knowledge of medicine and healthcare in the Middle Ages is generally thought of as very primitive. This books sets out to rectify this

Psalter of Humprey Bohun British Library, Egerton 3277 f.142

The Psalter and Hours of Humphrey de Bohun

16. December 2014

Between 1361 and 1384 a group of Augustinian friars created the de Bohun manuscripts at Pleshey Castle. The story about the patrons, the friars and the eleven books is told in a new book

Magna Carta British Library Cotton MS Augustus II.106

Magna Carta

11. December 2014

2015 England and with it large parts the Anglo-Saxon World is set to celebrate the 800-year anniversary of Magna Carta. A spat of books are in the crucible

The Interior of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia and the Aesthetic Experience

3. December 2014

The church of Hagia Sophia built in the period AD 532 -537 in Constantinople was praised for its extraordinary luminosity

Conferences and CfP’s…

Stirling Castle, Scotland

European Association of Archaeologists 2015

19. December 2014

The 21st annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists will be hosted in Glasgow in 2015

The Library at Kloster Reisach

Collected, Plundered and Saved

17. December 2014

Conference: Collected, Plundered and Saved from Medieval Libraries

Crucifixion (detail) 1366-67 Fresco Cappellone degli Spagnoli, Santa Maria Novella, Florence

Dominican Order in the Middle Ages

17. December 2014

Interdisciplinary conference in 2015 aims to shed light on the influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages

Bern, The capital of Swizerland

The Use of Water

15. December 2014

Conference March 2015: The Use of Water – practical habits and symbolic customs in the Middle Ages

Saint Louis 800-Anniversary

Coffret dit de saint Louis. Limoges, 1234-1237. Cuivre champlevé, émaillé et doré, H. 0,14 ; L. 0,365 ; Pr. 0,19 m. Provient de l’abbaye Notre-Dame-du-Lys. Musée du Louvre. MS 253. © RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Daniel Arnaudet

Saint Louis – a Man with a Hair-Shirt

Louis IX (1214 – 1270) was an intriguing man. This year France celebrates his 800-year anniversary with a very important exhibition in Paris…

Crown as reliquary saint louis Louvre

Saint Louis – Catalogue

In connection with the grand exhibition in Paris celebrating the 800-anniversary of Saint Louis, a large and beautiful although unhandy catalogue has been published…

sainte chapelle meredith cohen cover 2014 small

The Sainte-Chapelle and the Construction of Sacral Monarchy

New book presents Sainte-Chapelle in Paris as much more than a revered architectural and artistic masterpiece. It was also the crucible of the ideas of sacral monarchy, which were forged in 13th century Paris…


jacques le goff saint louis cover

Saint Louis – A Biography by Le Goff

The research took more than ten years before Le Goff could finish his magnum opus, a biography of Saint Louis (1214 – 1270). Today it is a classic…

Sanctity of Saint Louis gaposchkin cover small

Blessed Louis

The hagiographical myth of Saint Louis compared to the image, which he himself floated, has for a long time been at the centre of a scholarly dispute. In her generous work, Gaposchkin has shown that even the hagiographers did not agree…