Brooch from Winfarthing © Tom Lucking

Anglo-Saxon Treasure from Winfarthing

6. December 2017

In 2014 two students discovered an undisturbed grave with a trove of early Anglo-Saxon jewellery. Declared a Norwich Castle Museum is scrambling to find the funds to keep it in public hands. Read more

Treasure of coins from Cluny. Credit: Alexis Grattier-Université Lumière Lyon 2

Medieval Treasure Found at Cluny

5. December 2017

Mid- September, a large treasure consisting of coins and jewellery was found at the Abbey of Cluny. The find points to the role of abbeys as “early banks”. Read more

Södra Råda Church before the fire. Source: Wikipedia

Medieval Church in Södra Råda in Sweden reconstructed

5. December 2017

In 2001 the medieval Södra Råda Church in Sweden burned to the ground. The reconstruction offers an invaluable peak into medieval building techniques Read more

The pectoral cross and an inscribed strip from the Staffordshire Hoard, to be loaned to the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition by Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent City Councils. Source: wikipedia

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

4. December 2017

Exhibition at the British Library to open in October 2018 tells the story behind the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and their art and literature Read more

Longobardi. Exhibition in Pavia 2017. © Osvaldo-Di-Pietrantonio

The Lombards – A People who made History

6. September 2017

One of the major medieval exhibitions this autumn focuses upon the Longobards. To be seen in Pavia this autumn, it moves to Naples and the Hermitage Read more

Viking treasure from Hiddensee. Source: Wikipedia

Viking Thieves – Once Again

28. August 2017

Once again thieves went for precious Viking Jewels at a major exhibition centre. This time in Denmark Read more

Colle Gnifetti © La Scuola di Scialpismo

How Devastating was the Black Death?

19. July 2017

New studies of the levels of atmospheric lead as evidenced by icecores drilled from an Alpine Glacier lets scientists gauge the devastating effects of the Black Death on Economy and Society. It appears all ground to a halt. Read more

Handschriftenportal - Cover

German Scholars Plan to Update Manuscripta Mediaevalia

16. July 2017

Manuscripta Medievalia is a classic example of a digitisation project overrun by technological advances. A group of German medievalists will remedy this. Read more

Aerial view of Guédelon at the beginning of season 2017 © Guédelon/Denis Gliksman

Anniversary Season for Guédelon 1997 – 2017

14. July 2017

Twenty years in the making and slowly getting there, Guédelon once more invites visitors to participate in the fun this summer. Read more

Landscape from Kujataam Greenland. Source: Management Plan

Old Norse and Inuit Greenland claimed World Heritage by UNESCO

9. July 2017

Kujataa – Southern Greenland holds the ruins of Norse settlements and their Inuit neighbours. Today, UNESCO inscribed the old farming landscape as World Heritage. Read more

Transporting the Bell from haitahbu to Ribe summer 2017 © Wikinger Museum Haithabu

Ansgar’s Church at Ribe Viking Centre c. 860

8. July 2017

Ribe Viking Centre is an open-air museum faithfully recreating lif in the Viking Age. This summer a major attraction is the recreation of Ansgar’s church c. 850 Read more

Excavating burial ground at haithabu Summer 2017 Source: Haithabu/FB

New Finds at Haithabu in Northern Germany

5. July 2017

This summer archaeologists excavate a burial ground from 10th century Haithabu. Spectacular finds may shed further light on the elite lifestyle of Vikings Read more

The medieval centre at Falster © Medieval Histories

The Medieval Centre In Denmark

4. July 2017

After a local medieval festival in 1999 the plan was hatched to create an open-air museum dedicated to telling the story of medieval life c. 1400. Read more

Sacramentarium tinecense - National Library Krakow fol. 42

The Sacramentary from Tyniec

12. June 2017

The Sacramentary from the Benedictine abbey in Tyniec from c. 1060 – 70 is one of the prized possessions of the National Library in Warsaw. Read more

Excavating the Fregerslev Viking spring 2017. Source: Visit Skanderborg

19th-Century Peasant Dashed Archaeologists’ Hopes in Fregerslev

10. May 2017

Hopes of finding a full burial ground surrounding the grave of the Fregerslev Viking have been dashed. But finds of blingy harness and numerous arrows exite Read more

Reconstruction of the Newport Ship by Peter Power © Friends of the Newport Ship

Will the Medieval Newport Ship once again Sail on the Usk?

2. May 2017

Plans are being made to have the Medieval Newport Ship from the 15th century recreated by a Basque Heritage Group, the Albaola. Read more

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