De Arte Venandi cum Avibus fol 209 hunting with horses and falcons
De Arte Venandi cum Avibus fol 141 Pal. Lat. 1071 © Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
De Arte Venandi cum Avibus © Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Frederic II Hunting with Birds

Frederic II, Holy-Roman Emperor, is known for his audacious life, his great Italian castles and his wars with the Pope. But he was also an avid patron of the arts. His hunting book is one of his great legacies….

Golden Celtic Torcs Galore © Medievalhistories

Celts – Art and Identity

“There never was a single pan-European ancient people called the Celts; there was no single culture; there was no single language”. This is the central statement the exhibition – Celts Art and Identity wishes to make. We might question it, though. Read the review here….



Medieval Histories Magazine 2015, September No. 18

Medieval Histories 2015, september No. 18

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Golden Panel from Landesmuseum Hannover

Golden Panel from Lüneburg

One of the highlights of Hannover Landesmuseum is the remains of the so-called “Goldene Tafel” which once decorated the high altar of the Benedictine Abbey S. Michaelis in Lüneburg….

Somali Wild Ass from Basel Zoo

The Medieval Zebro

In the Early Middle Ages a peculiar animal named the Zebro ran wild on the Iberian peninsula. Was it a Zebra? A wild ass? A wild horse? Or the descendant of feral horses, which had run wild? New research opens the debate…..


Medieval Histories Magazine 2015-September-17

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The Porterie at Poissy is the former entrance to the Abbey. Source Wikpedia

MEDIEVAL DETOUR: Poissy in Île-de-France

Poissy was the birthplace of Louis IX, who was sanctified as Saint Louis. The centre of his cult was at Poissy….

Royal Breviary of Philippe IV praying to the Head of Saint-Louis BnF cropped

Royal Breviary of Saint Louis up for Sale

Classified as “National Treasure” in 2014, BnF is trying to raise the funds to buy the Royal Breviary of Saint-Louis from Poissy….



Medieval News…

De Arte Venandi cum Avibus fol 141 Pal. Lat. 1071 © Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Frederic II Hunting with Birds

2. October 2015

Frederic II, Holy-Roman Emperor, is known for his audacious life, his great Italian castles and his wars with the Pope. But he was also an avid patron of the arts. His hunting book is one of his great legacies.

Chateau de Montbrun

Chateau de Montbrun in Haute Vienne for Sale

2. October 2015

Now is the time to live on the top of the entrails of Richard the Lionheart. The Chateau de Montbrun, where he died in 1179, in Haute Vienne is for sale for 21 Millions

Richard with hairdo collage

Medieval Hair Colours

11. September 2015

Richard III has changed his look three times in the last three years. In the latest version he is sporting unkempt mouse-coloured hair. Is that plausible?

Fortified Saxon Church in Alma in Transylvania 123rf

Romania’s Fortified Churches Threatened

6. September 2015

Romanian officials are busy destroying their unique heritage – its Saxon churches from the 13th – 16th century, says local watchdogs

New Books…

Abbey in Viboldone - home of the Humiliati

The Artistic Patronage of the Humiliati in Florence

4. October 2015

The Humiliati were a group of lay Italians, who formed a religious order in the late 11th century, which was later eclipsed by the Franciscans. New book explores the order’s artistic patronage

Illuminated Armenian Gospel with Eusebian canons 1609 miniature_by Mesrop Khzanetsi Oxford Bodleian Library Arm d13 v 22cropped


1. October 2015

The book is published to accompany an exhibition at the Bodleian Library, Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture

Ernst Kantorowicz

Medieval Political Theology

30. September 2015

Amongst Medievalists, Kantorowicz is known for his book on ‘The King’s Two Bodies. A Study in Medieval Political Theology’. But what is medieval political theology? And how and why should we take note of this in the 21st century.

Coppice at Honeypot wood

Rethinking Ancient Woodland

29. September 2015

The distinctive ecological characteristics of ancient woodland only emerged after it had had been enclosed from the surrounding ‘wastes’ in early Middle Ages

Medieval Mill at Herault

The Origins of Corporations – The Mills of Toulouse in the Middle Ages

29. September 2015

The first business corporations were French and from the Middle Ages. This a was already documented in 1954. Now the book has been translated

Door with lion from church near Nykøbing © Medievalhistories

The Strait Gate

29. September 2015

‘The Strait Gate’ reveals how doors have served as sites of power, exclusion, and inclusion—and, by extension, as metaphors for salvation—in the course of Western history.

Giusto de’ Menabuoi baptistery Padua

Giotto and his artistic legacy in Padua

21. September 2015

Padua is known for the Scrovegni Chapel painted by Giotto. Less known is the rich artistic legacy, which his chapel fostered in Padua and which may be enjoyed in the Cathedral and elsewhere.

Cantigas de Santa Maria no. 2015/1 ITALIA FLORENCIA BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL MS B.R.20

Ecclesiastical Knights in Castille

21. September 2015

Ecclesiastical Knights provides a detailed study of the military-religious vocation as it was lived out by the Orders of Santiago, Calatrava and Alcantara in Leon-Castile 1150 – 1330

Medieval Research

Les Tres Richees Heures du duc du Berry . March with a heavy plough

The Heavy Plough and the Foundation of New Medieval Towns AD 1000.

30. September 2015

The heavy plough did foster an agricultural revolution in Medieval Europe, which led to population increase and the foundation of new towns

Letter from Margherita Bandini to Datini 1407

Women’s Education in Medieval Italian Cities – Then and Now.

30. September 2015

Tradition for educating Italian girls above and beyond the customary in Medieval Italian commercial centres continued to set its mark 500 years later.

Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Nacional B 526

Medieval Galician-Portuguese Songs

30. September 2015

More than 1200 Galician-Portuguese medieval lyrics are preserved in two renaissance manuscripts. New research explores the special genre: the tenson (the debate)

Great Domesday Book 1086 1089

Tenure and Property in Medieval England

24. September 2015

This article by Susan Reynolds argues that the use of the word ‘tenure’ instead of ‘property’ in discussions of medieval English property law impedes the understanding of that law and makes it harder to compare it either with modern law or with the law of other parts of medieval Europe.

Rue de l'enclos de l'abbaye in Poissy Source: wikipedia/chatsam

Poissy in Île-de-France

31. August 2015

Poissy was the birthplace of Louis IX, who was sanctified as Saint Louis. The centre of his cult was at Poissy.

Santa Margherita de Cortona

Margaret of Cortona and her Legenda

18. August 2015

The Life of Margaret of Cortona is a precious biography from the end of the 13th century detailing the life of a lay penitent woman living on the fringes of the early Franciscan movement

The Madrid Skylitzes is a richly illustrated illuminated manuscript of the Synopsis of Histories

Italian Trade in Eleventh-Century Mediterranean

18. August 2015

Around AD 1000 the Mediterranean was criss-crossed by a huge number of diverse vessels running out of the Levant. Hundred years later Italian cities came to dominate

Red deer from Ireland wikipedia web

Deer and Identity in Medieval Ireland

27. June 2015

The Gaelic lords in Ireland hunted Red deer, while the Anglo-Norman invaders built deer parks. Fiona Beglane tells us about the relation between deer and identity

Conferences and CfP’s…

The Mass of Saint Giles Artist: Master of Saint Giles Date made: about 1500 Source: The National Gallery, London

The Secret and the Hidden in the Middle Ages

30. September 2015

In the Middle Ages secrets were difficult to have and to hold. How, why and by whom are questions raised at the International symposium organized by the German Medieval Society 2017 with the title: The Secret and the Hidden

GKS 1633 4º- Bestiarius- 9 recto © Royal Library Copenhagen

Historical Fiction of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

17. September 2015

Bagwyn Books publishes well-researched historical fiction by academics. Symposium opens if for debate of whether it has its merits.

Virgin of Guadalupe Wikipedia

Marginal Figures in the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance

17. September 2015

The 22 ACMRS Conference in Arizona 2016 focus on Marginal Figures in the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance

Franciscan Nuns Photo: St. Bonaventure University

Franciscan Women – Medieval and Beyond

10. September 2015

Franciscan Women: Medieval & Beyond is a conference designed to frame a mutually enriching conversation between academic scholars and franciscan women of today

Medieval Exhibitions

Golden Celtic Torcs Galore © Medievalhistories

Celts – Art and Identity

25. September 2015

Celts, art and identity is a major exhibition at the British Museum 2015. Trying very hard to deconstruct the Celtic myth, it is nevertheless a fest for the eyes.

Viking Voyagers at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall

Empire of the Sea and King Cnut 1016-2016

2. September 2015

Empire of the Sea and King Cnut 1016-2016 is an international conference marking the millennium of Cnut’s conquest of England

Les Grandes heures d’Anne de Bretagne BnF

Francis I and his Library at Château de Blois

18. August 2015

This year France commemorates the 500-year anniversary of one of its more significant kings, Francis I. Together with Bibliothèque national de France the Château de Blois has mounted an exhibition of his library in its original surroundings

Francois I - Diodorus of Sicily-cropped

Francis I – Warrior King and Patron of Art

18. August 2015

This year France celebrates the cultural and artistic heritage from the reign of Francis I. After an exhibition in Paris has ended, Chantilly offers insights into the life of the king and his reign.

Liturgical vestments at Catharijneconvent

Gold Thread and Silk in Catharijnenconvent in Utrecht

19. July 2015

A sumptuous exhibition of medieval embroidered art made of gold and silk in the Museum Catharijneconvent shows some of the best preserved medieval liturgical garments preserved in Europe.

Statue of Jan Hus in Central Prague

Jan Hus was Executed 600 years ago

3. July 2015

Events marking the anniversary of the martyr death of Czech church reformer, Jan Hus, will culminate on Monday, July 6, when 600 years have passed since his burning at the stake.

Pittore friulano del 1440 Due scene della vita del beato Odorico da Pordenone 1440

Franciscan Art in Florence

24. June 2015

Franciscan art flourished in the Late Middle Ages as the religious movement spread all over Europe as well as Asia. This summer the Accademia in Florence shows a spectacular selection

Nuns swabian art musee du cluny

Late Medieval Swabian Sculpture in Paris at Musée de Cluny

3. June 2015

Sweet, delicate, gentle and just some of the epithets clinging to the current exhibition of late medieval Swabian sculpture at Musée de Cluny in Paris this summer