The Lady and the Unicorn - Desire. Source: WikipediaMagical Unicorns at Musée de Cluny

Musée de Cluny opens again after a major renovation with an exhibition on Magical Unicorns from the Middle Ages and later…

Cherven Towns. 10th century rampart seen from above. © UMCS/ Krystian Trela

Cherven Towns – a Medieval Polish Settlement from the 10th century.

12. July 2018

Cherven Towns was a fortified settlement located on the frontier between Lesser Poland and Rus (Ruthenia). Fought over since at least the late 10thcentury, archaeological explorations of the region was hampered by the two world wars. Only recently a more scientific exploration has been undertaken. Read more

Danevirker- Dannevirke-Danewerck 2014 © Karen Schousboe

Seven Medieval Sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

11. July 2018

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO recently added seven more medieval sites to its World Heritage List. Of special interest are the nomination of Danevirke and Haithabu (Hedeby), The Cathedral of Naumburg, and the Caliphate city of Medina Azahara. Read more

Royal Jelling - the two Runestones ©National Museum of Denmark

News From the Jelling Project 2018

13. June 2018

Recently, the National Museum in Copenhagen published the report for 2016 – 17 on the progress of the Jelling project, which aims to get a better understanding of the imposing, yet enigmatic monument registered as a UNESCO site Read more

Village at Memleben in Saale-Unstrut- source Wikipedia

The Winegrowing Region of Saale-Unstrut in the Middle Ages

30. May 2018

Numerous small springs and other water sources feed the rivers Saale and Unstrut before they confluence with the Elbe. Along these river valleys, the hilly countryside is still fit for winegrowing while the fertile flat land along the rivers offers excellent agricultural possibilities.   Read more

Icelandic manuscripts at the © University of Copenhagen

No more Icelandic or Old Norse at University of Copenhagen

29. May 2018

From 2019, the University of Copenhagen will no longer offer courses for students in Old Danish, Norse, modern Icelandic, and Faroese. The reason is that the elective courses in Norse, as well as the other languages, have not been able to muster the required minimum of 30 students, set as a standard by the Chancellors office. Read more

Rock-hewn church at Gurat. Source: Wikipedia

Rock-Carved Churches in France

25. May 2018

Remains of rock-hewn churches may be found in several European and Middle-Eastern landscapes, where natural caves and calciferous rocks invited hermits to shelter in solitude and prayer. In France, such churches were common in Aquitaine.    Read more

Book of Leinster © Trinitiy College Dublin

Rare Glimpse of Early Medieval Ireland

19. May 2018

This summer, the Library of the Trinity College in Dublin, exhibits its collection of more than 200 precious medieval and early modern manuscripts written in Irish. Read more

Magdeburg Cathedral. Source: wikipedia

The Romanesque Route in Sachsen-Anhalt

13. May 2018

Through the scenery of Sachsen-Anhalt runs a fascinating route along which it is possible to discover the riches of Romanesque architecture. Established in 1993, it is the perfect showcase for Germany in the 10th and 11th centuries Read more

Memleben from the air ©

Memleben – a Royal and Monastic Centre in 10thcentury Germany

13. May 2018

Memleben, one of the royal centres in Ottonian Germany is located at the river Unstrut. Founded in the 8th century, its heyday fell in the late 10th century, when the last Ottonians briefly planned to turn the place into a memorial shrine for its family Read more

Village at Memleben in Saale-Unstrut- source Wikipedia

Monasteries in the Region of Saale and Unstrut 2018

12. May 2018

Summer 2018 in the region of Saale-Unstrut celebrates the Romanesque heritage preserved in cathedrals, churches and monasteries – or the ruins thereof Read more

Hildegard von Bingen - Ordo Virtutem - Festival Montalbâne 2018

Festival Montalbâne 2018

12. May 2018

Festival Montalbâne is a festival for medieval music, which is held each year in the region of the Unstrut-Saale. It now runs in its 28th year. This year it is part of the exhibition programme, Monastery & World 2018 Read more

Old Uppsala reconstructed for VR recorder

Old Uppsala Visualized

23. April 2018

Now gone, the plain surrounding Old Uppsala c. AD 650 was not only marked by the burial mounds but also dotted with halls, an impressive parkway and a surrounding marketplace. New Virtual Reality reconstruction lets visitors walk the landscape Read more

Hoard from Rügen 2018 with Cross Coins from the reign of Harold Blutooth © Landesamtes für Kultur und Denkmalpflege

Astonishing Viking Silver Hoard discovered at Rügen in Germany

20. April 2018

A few days ago, a 13-year old girl discovered an extraordinary Viking silver hoard with the largest number of so-called cross coins from the reign of Harold Bluetooth. Read more

Suevic Cauldron from Mušov © Regional Museum of Mikolov, Czechia

The Time of the Sueves in Iberia AD 409–585

15. April 2018

The exhibition, In Tempore Sueborum, invites us to explore the life and times of the Suevi and how they lived together with the Gallo-Romans in Late Antiquity in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, where the Suevi settled after AD 409. Read more

Kingdom Come: Deliverance © Warhouse Studios 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

15. March 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a roleplaying video-game set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia in 1403. It offers great realism in both story and gameplay. Read more

Capricorn - Liturgical calendar for Ravenna, Italy, Milan (?), 1386

The Medieval Calendar in Books of Hours

5. March 2018

For people in the Middle Ages keeping track of time was all important. Early on, the Church set up itself as the timekeeper par excellence. But how did clerics keep the time? New book introduces the student to the intricacies of medieval timekeeping. Read more

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