Arakelots Monastery in Tavush

Medieval Armenia

Today the world remembers the 100-year anniversary of the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians, who died as the result of a horrible massacre. We should also remember the awful cultural destruction, which followed in its wake…

Medieval Histories magazine April 2015 Cover 2

Medieval Histories is also a pdf-magazine

This issue brings stories about Medieval Armenia, The Isle of Lewis, the Lewis Chessmen and Vikings going berserkr plus news about research, conferences and books. Enjoy on your tablet…

Uig Beach Isle of Lewis Outer Hebrides

Chessmen Returns to the The Isle of Lewis

This summer, six of the Lewis Chessmen will find a new home, near the sand dunes on the Isle of Lewis, where they were hidden more than 800 years ago…

Bosta at great Bernera in The Isle of Lewis

Vikings in the Isle of Lewis

The history of the Vikings in Lewis is an amazing story of how a Pictish life-world changed when Norse immigrants arrived…

The lewis chessmen

The Lewis Chessmen

The Lewis Chessmen are simply amazing. New book captures their spirit while presenting us with a very detailed look of the material they were made of and how they were produced…

Scenes from Lérian et Lauréolle - Tapestry - 16th century Musee de Cluny

Travelling in the Middle Ages

Exciting exhibition at the Bargello in Firenze tells the story of medieval travellers and their journeys. Lots of fascinating objects and beautiful art invite us to discover the joys of Slow Travelling…

Medieval Bridge Near Walsingham

Medieval Travel Guides

Plan to go travelling medieval style? Here is a list of books, which will tell you all about how people in the Middle Ages went about it…


The Trail of Medieval Hospices

This is not a walk for the fainthearted. However, if you embark on the trail, chances are you will get a real sense of what it was to pass through the mountains from medieval Germany and into Italy as a medieval pilgrim…

Medieval truck-stop in krakau in Peissen

Medieval Truck-Stop excavated

Where to Park your Horse? What is on the daily menu? Archaeologists have found the remains of a long-haul truck-stop near Peissen in Sachsen–Anhalt on the road between Hannover and Dresden…


Medieval Toleration at Kalamazoo

How should we wield toleration in the 21 st century? May we perhaps learn from the Middle Ages? This question will be debated at Kalamazoo in May…

City of Siena

Medieval Material Turn at Leeds

‘Reform and Renewal’ are the key-words chosen to inspire participants in this year’s International Medieval Congress at Leeds. But don’t be mistaken: it is all about the “Material Turn”…


Lleida in Catalonia - Source-Wikipedia

Space, Power and Culture in Lleida 2015

The main focus at the 5th International Medieval Meeting in Lleida, will be on space, power and culture in Medieval Iberia…

Medieval News…

Fish wrapped in green grass and grilled on open fire

Grilled Fish and Nettles in Medieval Caravate

27. April 2015

Fish filled with nettles and grilled over a blazing fire were on the menu in medieval Caravate near Lago Maggiore

Caistor Castle

The Paston Letters Online

26. April 2015

The collection known as the Paston Letters, one of the largest archives of 15th-century, is now online

Demonstrating against the crisis in Marquês da Fronteira Avenue

Lack of Medieval Male Heirs has Modern Impact

20. April 2015

Lack of Medieval Male Heirs led to conflicts and instability and slowed down economic development. The consequences can still be detected in modern European national and regional economies. It appears Henry VIII was right to fret about his lack of male heirs!

Uig Beach Isle of Lewis Outer Hebrides

Chessmen Returns to the The Isle of Lewis

18. April 2015

The Lewis Chessmen from the 12th century are among some of the most iconic images of both the Isle of Lewis itself and the Norse heritage of the British Isles. This summer, six of them will find a new home, near the sand dunes, where they were hidden more than 800 years ago. The Lewis …

Medieval Events & Exhibitions

Baptistery in Barcelona ©_muhba
Visigoths in Barcelona 17. March 2015

The City Museum in Barcelona has remodeled its exhibition devoted to the period from Late Antiquity and into the 8th century: the Visigothic period

Riemenschneider Sammlung Marks-Thomée © Bildarchiv Foto Marburg / Thomas Scheidt
Marks-Thomée Collection of Renaissance and Medieval Art on Show 27. February 2015

For the first time in a hundred years the private Thomée Collection, containing priceless medieval and renaissance art, is on show in Aachen

Agincourt 1415 – 2015 8. January 2015

The battle at Agincourt in Nord-Pas-de Calais is famous for the heroic fight between the outnumbered English archers and the French iron-clad chivalry. This year England and France commemorates the battle.

New Books…

Woman at spinning wheel with man carding Smithfield Decretals

The Medieval New: Ambivalence in an Age of Innovation

21. April 2015

The Medieval New explores what “newfangled” meant in literary, scientific, and religious discourses of the twelfth through sixteenth centuries

Edmund's martyrdom

Anglo-Saxon Saints’ Lives as History Writing in Late Medieval England

21. April 2015

New book tells the story of how the stories about the the Anglo-Saxon Saints were used to forge a vision of historical righteousness among policymakers, intellectuals and clerics in Late Medieval England.

Piazza del Campo Siena

Markets and Marketplaces in Medieval Italy

21. April 2015

Italian cities are renowned for their bustling marketplaces full of bars, covered market-stalls and beautiful art in the form of water-fountains. New book tells the story of the medieval marketplace

The lewis chessmen

The Lewis Chessmen

18. April 2015

The Lewis Chessmen are simply amazing. New book captures their spirit while presenting us with a very detailed look of the material they were made of and how they were produced.

Triptych of the Virgin and Child By Goossen van der Weyden 15th century. Tournai Museum of Fine Arts

Framing the Flemish Primitives

16. April 2015

Innovative electronic presentation of book on ‘Frames and Supports in 15th- and 16th-Century Southern Netherlandish Painting’ leads the way for future art-historical publications.

Cantigas di santa Maria

Muslim and Christian Contact in the Middle Ages

13. April 2015

The history of Muslim and Christian interactions in the Middle Ages is continuously being mixed up in modern-day politics, not least in the Mediterranean. New reader presents over 80 primary sources shedding light on this complicated web of inter-cultural contacts between Muslims and Christians


Islam and Christianity in Medieval Anatolia

13. April 2015

Medieval Anatolia was a hotspot for cultural interaction between Christians and Muslims. New book aims to present an overview over current research

Almarician heretics burning before the french king - Illumination from the Grandes Chroniques de France, c. 1255-1260

Medieval Heresies: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

13. April 2015

Medieval Heresies: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is the first comparative survey of heresy and presents an important overview of its medieval history from ca. 400 – 1500.

Conferences and CfP’s…

Necropole merovingienne at Bruch 2014

Rural settlements in the Early Middle Ages in France

21. April 2015

The theme for the 36th International Conference on Merovingian Archaeology is dedicated to new research into the rural settlements of Early Medieval France

Tuebingen with river-boats

Archaeology and the Public

18. April 2015

What archaeology does the public demand? Who has the power to decide what is important? These questions are raised and debated at a Conference in Tübingen in May 2015

Viking Ship Roskilde 6

Æthelred II and Cnut the Great 1016

18. April 2015

2016 will se a series of major events commemorating the invasion and conquest of England by Cnut the Great, king of the Danes

Coronation of Celestine V

Medieval and Early Modern Belief and Practice

16. April 2015

Religion and (the Master) Narrative: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Medieval and Early Modern Belief and Practice will be held in Colorado autum 2015