Mounted mêlée in Schaffhausen

Chivalry and Tournaments

This summer is full of exhibitions and new books telling the story of the Late Medieval Tournament

Tournament Book - René von Anjou

Late Medieval Festival

Schaffhausen in Switzerland hosts an exhibition at the Allerheiligenmuseum, which tells the story of how the late medieval tournament turned into a popular festival…

Maximilian I from Freydal © Vienna

Maximilian I

The German emperor Maximilian (1459 -1519) was passionate exponent for the late medieval tournament. Later times dubbed him “the last knight”…

The Tournament of the peasants from Marx Walther's Tournament Book

Marx Walther’s Tournaments

New edition of Marx Walther’s Tournament Book from the 15th century brings us close to these late-medieval festivals…

Princely Reburials


Princely Reburials in the 15th century

Funerary chapels for reburials became a fashionable trend in the 15th century. Recently a text was discovered outlining the liturgy used for the re-interment of Richard Beauchamp in 1475…

richards final tomb

Reburial of Richard III March 2014

Plans for the reinterment of Richard lll has been unveiled. They will take 7 days…

Opening of the Richard III visitor centre

King Richard III Visitor Centre

The King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester is now open

New Research:

Byzantine organ from Mainz

Early Medieval Organs

The organ was a prestigious instrument in the Byzantine Empire. New reproductions of early medieval organs help to uncover ancient music.

Marburger sword

Ottonian Swords

Swords as symbols of sovereignty are known from the 11th century and onwards. However, careful examination of new evidence shows the precursors belonging to the 10th century Ottonian dynasty were typical Viking swords

wikipedia Aachener Dom Karlsthron_1661a

Carolingian Thrones

The throne of Charlemagne may still be seen in the Cathedral in present-day Aachen. New research presents an overview of other Carolingian thrones and argues the existence of a parallel in a palace in Mainz

Ebstorf Map - upper part

Ebstorf Map

The Ebstorf Map belongs to a group of maps known as the Mappae Mundi