Execution of Jan Hus

Jan Hus was Executed 600 years ago

Events marking the anniversary of the martyr death of Czech church reformer, Jan Hus, will culminate on Monday, July 6, when 600 years have passed since his burning at the stake….



Leeds medieval Conference

Medieval Material Turn at Leeds 2015

‘Reform and Renewal’ are the key-words chosen to inspire participants in this year’s International Medieval Congress at Leeds. But don’t be mistaken: it is all about the “Material Turn”!



Tempietto Longobardo web wikipedia

Wish to be a Trendy Medievalist AD 2015?

If you are a medievalist, the hottest subjects to study right now are the cultural and social aspects of monasticism and religious life as they pertain to canon law; and roughly placed in Late Antiquity or the Early Medieval period. A certain historiographical and art-historical slant would heighten the voguish character. At least, this is what statistics tells us….

IMC in Leeds is a major event and complicated to navigate. Below is a guide to a selection of some of the more important series of sessions this year – the so-called mini-conferences…

ian wood at Leeds

Ian Wood at IMC in Leeds 2015

This year professor Ian Wood is formally retiring. No less than seven sessions at IMC are dedicated to the different research areas he has covered

Spiezer Chronicle picturing Jan Hus on the bonfire 1485 Cropped Source Wikipedia

Jan Hus at IMC in Leeds 2015

In 1415 – precisely 600 years ago – the Bohemian Reformator and protestant saint, Jan Hus, was led to a bonfire down the shore in Constance, where he was burned at the stake

Canossa in Italy - source wikipedia

Matilda of Canossa at IMC in Leeds 2015

he Gregorian Reform were complex set of ecclesiastical reforms, which after a period of preparation, found their full realization under Gregory VII (1073-1085). Central to this process was Matilda of Canossa

Prejmer in transylvania Source Wikipedia

Transylvania at IMC in Leeds 2015

Various aspects of reform and renewal in law and politics and the difference between the law and reality in legal procedures within the Kingdom of Hungary and Bohemia are on the agenda in a series of five sessions.

walking along the Camino

Pilgrimage at IMC in Leeds 2015

Pilgrimages took place in busy sacred landscapes all over the christian world. A series of five sessions explores the materiality of medieval pilgrimages and their ‘sacred’ contexts.

Raynard Hanged The Smithfield Decretals

Medieval Canon Law at IMC in Leeds 2015

The study of medieval canon law from the time of the early Church to the later middle ages is curated by ICMACwith members from all over the world. This year they organize seven sessions, some of which in collaboration with Episcopus.

Gothic armory from the royal armouries in leeds

Tournaments and War at IMC in Leeds 2015

Leeds is not only famous for its International Medieval Congress. It is also home to the Royal Armouries. No Wonder the University is home to researchers working with aspects of Late Medieval Warfare and Tournaments.

Grand Duke of Lithuania and Polish king Jagiello and his wife, Queen Jadwiga of Poland university museum of Krakow - Jagiellonians

Dynasticism and the Jagiellonians at IMC in Leeds 2015

This series of sessions on medieval and early modern dynasticism are organized by the project ‘The Jagiellonians: Dynasty, Memory and Identity in Central Europe’.

Map of Britain Genetic History

Social Cohesion in Europe at IMC in Leeds 2015

The relation between Christianity, its repertoire of identification, and ethnic identity, both as forms of discourse and as social practices, is the focus of a group of scholars from the University of Vienna

Madinat al-Zahra © John D Cressler

The Islamic World at IMC in Leeds 2015

In view of current international developments, there is an insatiable quest for knowledge about the medieval roots of Islam. The Islamic World features widely on the programme.

Heidegger and others in Freiburg 1933

Historiography and Grundmann’s Legacy at IMC in Leeds 2015

2015 marks the 80th anniversary of the first publication of Herbert Grundmann’s monumental study Religious Movements in the Middle Ages and the 20th anniversary of its translation into English.

nazi-monument Stiklestad

Medievalism at IMC in Leeds 2015

Medievalism is still a hot topic. With at least eight sessions touching directly upon this theme, there will be ample opportunity to explore the modern take on the medieval – whether by literates, musicians, gamesters, re-enactors, heritage consultants or politicians.

View from Monte Subasio in Assisi

When Medieval History Matters…

The title of the Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si, is the refrain of the Canticle of Creation by Francis of Assisi. But what did the saint really mean by using this phrase?….

Francis of Assisi -manuscript BNF 2015 TM 686 ff 79v-80

Newly discovered life of St. Francis published

A small notebook of obvious Franciscan origin was recently shown to contain a hitherto unknown Vita, written by Thomas di Celano. It has now been edited….

Pittore friulano del 1440 Due scene della vita del beato Odorico da Pordenone 1440

Franciscan Art in Florence

Franciscan art flourished in the Late Middle Ages as the religious movement spread all over Europe as well as Asia. This summer the Accademia in Florence shows a spectacular selection of this kind of art….

Beech of Saint Francis

Catholicism and Medieval Nature Conservation

Medieval ‘Sacred Sites’ were primarily located in the natural wilderness. With the Reformation this changed. Perhaps time has come to return to practices of Medieval Nature Conservation?….

Cappella Sassetti Stigmata of Saint Francis by Ghirlandaio 1483 - 85

The Garden of St. Francis

St. Francis is known for his devotion to nature and generally recognised at the patron saint for the environment. However, it is not that simple to know exactly how Francis really thought about nature. One key to resolve this question is by focusing on “his garden”….

la Romita di Cesi

Romita di Cesi

Romita di Cesi is a hermitage located on Mount Torre Maggiore near the Town of Cesi in Terni. Difficult to find, it offers a spiritual tranquillity reminiscent of the early Franciscans….

Medieval News…

Gospels of Queen Theutberga © Christies 2015

Gospels of Queen Theutberga up for Sale at Christie’s

1. July 2015

This summer Christies auctions off a priceless manuscript – the Gospels of Queen Theutberga” – from c. 825 – 850.

discussing the talisman of harold Bluetooth

Harold Bluetooth’s Alleged Talisman Was Cast

30. June 2015

The peculiar gold-plaque allegedly found in Poland near Wolin with an inscription about Harold Bluetooth has undergone metallurgical studies

Royal Mounds at Old Uppsala in Sweden web © Kenny_lex

New Royal Mound from the 7th Century Discovered in Uppsala

30. June 2015

A long-forgotten royal mound in Uppsala from the 7th century has been found by chance. Archaeologists are excited.

Morgarten with the lake Ageri

The Battle of Morgarten 1315

26. June 2015

November 1315, a small contingent of men from the Swiss Confederacy ambushed a group of Austrian Soldiers near the Morgarten Pass. The Swiss victory furthered the confederacy between Unterwalden, Uri and Schwyz, the core of modern Switzerland.

San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Palermo

Medieval World Heritage 2015

5. June 2015

End of June the World Heritage Committee will decide the future for a handful of “medieval” candidates vying for the valuable designation. Who will be the winners?

Hanney Brooch before and after cleaning

The Anglo-Saxon Hanney Brooch

28. May 2015

The Hanney Brooch belongs to a small group of composite Anglo-Saxon brooches from mid-seventh century.New research presents the find

Front of reconstructed sword pommel © Birmingham Museums Trust

Staffordshire Hoard reveals yet another helmet and rare pommel

28. May 2015

Helmet and pommel pieced together from hundreds of fragments present new insights into the Staffordshire Hoard

Shandwick_Stone_ Wikipedia

Future Thinking on Carved Stones in Scotland

18. May 2015

This project, running from February 2015 to April 2016, is a strategic effort inspire all those with an interest in carved stones in Scotland

New Books…

Red deer from Ireland wikipedia web

Deer and Identity in Medieval Ireland

27. June 2015

The Gaelic lords in Ireland hunted Red deer, while the Anglo-Norman invaders built deer parks. Fiona Beglane tells us about the relation between deer and identity

St Cuthbert Gospel © British Library

St. Cuthbert Gospel Uncovered

26. June 2015

New book lets the public get under the covers of the earliest intact European book, the St. Cuthbert Gospel, which was recently acquired by British Library

St. Matthew ebbo gospel

Hincmar of Rheims: Life and work

25. June 2015

Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims (d.882) is a crucial figure for early medieval European history. New book presents the latest research into his life-work as councillor, historian,estate administrate and bishop

Gargoyle from reims - Ina Van Hateren 123

The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims

14. June 2015

Readers of late Medieval spiritualistic works will be familiar with the work of Margery Kempe. From now on the history of Ermine de Reims should be part of the curriculum.

Woman with a balance by Vermeer Source: Wikipedia

Understanding Emotions in Early Europe

5. June 2015

Drawing on the latest scholarship from international researchers, a new dedicated collection investigates how medieval and early modern Europeans understood and articulated emotions

cistercian nuns british library

Women in the Medieval Monastic World

30. May 2015

The great contributions made by women to the religious life of the Middle Ages are attracting increasing attention. New book focuses on female monasticism

Book of Hours by the Master of Zweder van Culemborg

Models in Medieval Book Painting

30. May 2015

Medieval illuminators used a variety of models and prototypes when designing new books. New book presents new research into this form of artistic borrowing

Re-inventing traditions -featured photo

Artistic Patterns in Late Medieval Manuscripts

30. May 2015

Medieval Artists worked with artistic patterns, which were continuously collected and transmitted. In 2012 a major conference focused on the phenomena. The transactions were recently published

Conferences and CfP’s…


CfP for Being Medieval: Archaeology, Society and the Human Experience

1. July 2015

The Society for Medieval Archaeology’s 2015 conference will consider the experience of the Middle Ages: The focus is on what the material, biological or built remains can tell us from a social perspective

Stronghold Kingdoms - Domination World game medievalism

CfP for Moyen Âge et médiévalisme

1. July 2015

The Middle Ages is also a modern invention constantly reinvented by fiction-writers, film-makers and creators of games. Conference in march 2016 focus on the relationship between the Middle Ages and Medievalism

Íñigo López de Mendoza prime marqués de Mondéjar (Museo del Prado) web

500-year Anniversary of El Conde de Tendilla 1440 -1515

30. June 2015

This year Granada commemorates the death of El Conde de Tendilla 1515 and the Centro de Estudios Históricos de Granada has organized an international conference

1536 St Dominic fed by angels Fresco Convent of San Marco Florence

The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages

27. June 2015

From its modest foundations in 1216, the Dominican Order grew rapidly in the first century of its existence, establishing itself across Europe as a learned Order of Preachers.  This interdisciplinary conference will explore the influences of the Dominican Order on all aspects of medieval life The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages …

Medieval Exhibitions

Statue of Jan Hus in Central Prague

Jan Hus was Executed 600 years ago

3. July 2015

Events marking the anniversary of the martyr death of Czech church reformer, Jan Hus, will culminate on Monday, July 6, when 600 years have passed since his burning at the stake.

Pittore friulano del 1440 Due scene della vita del beato Odorico da Pordenone 1440

Franciscan Art in Florence

24. June 2015

Franciscan art flourished in the Late Middle Ages as the religious movement spread all over Europe as well as Asia. This summer the Accademia in Florence shows a spectacular selection

Nuns swabian art musee du cluny

Late Medieval Swabian Sculpture in Paris at Musée de Cluny

3. June 2015

Sweet, delicate, gentle and just some of the epithets clinging to the current exhibition of late medieval Swabian sculpture at Musée de Cluny in Paris this summer

The descent of the Cross © Louvre

Gold and Ivory from Paris, Pisa, Firenze and Siena 1250-1320

29. May 2015

The summer exhibition at Louvre-Lens – Gold and Ivory – highlights the wealth of artistic exchanges between Paris and what is now Tuscany 1250 -1320

Clairvaux lay refectory interior

Clairvaux 1115 – 2015

19. May 2015

Aube en Champagne celebrates the 900th anniversary of the Cistercian foundation, the Abbey of Clairvaux in 2015

Scenes from Lérian et Lauréolle - Tapestry - 16th century Musee de Cluny

Travelling in the Middle Ages

14. April 2015

Exciting exhibition at the Bargello in Firenze tells the story of medieval travellers and their journeys

Baptistery in Barcelona ©_muhba

Visigoths in Barcelona

17. March 2015

The City Museum in Barcelona has remodeled its exhibition devoted to the period from Late Antiquity and into the 8th century: the Visigothic period

View from the old Bishop's palace in Rouen

Joan of Arc Museum opens in Rouen in March

27. February 2015

Next month a Joan of Arc Installation opens in Rouen. It appears she is set up to surpass Madame Tusseauds and turn into a digitized saint